#1 Re: other » New privacy regulations - domain ownership » 07.06.2018 14:50:55

well, it's no longer mine forum, so feel free to do what you feel is right. BTW - WHO is owner, administrator of longturn.org and forum?

I'm only formal owner of domain smile.

#2 other » New privacy regulations - domain ownership » 25.05.2018 07:14:52

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As you know, I'm the owner of the domain longturn.org - not because I strongly like to be owner, but because I bought it and it left as is.

BUT, now we have new things (which however makes me wonder if I did right to vote for Poland joining the EU), GDPR act, which made some madness in internet. AFAIK, every forum owner/administrator should comply some duties regarding informing, registering, privacy policy etc..

I don't know details and I don't want to. But domain is mine, and I'm in natural way associated with the forum. If some sad man with black briefcase will visit me, he will probably won't believe that I have no idea who is current administrator of the forum, because I stopped being administrator 10 years ago, ceded it to Dude, which hoever is unknown for me in real life wink.

So, anyone willing to get domain from me? smile I would like to make formal transfer to someone.

#3 LT41 » delegation » 04.04.2018 03:47:07

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I will be away for 10 days, Wieder will take care about my nation in LT43 and LT41

thx Wieder

#4 LT43 » delegation » 04.04.2018 03:46:02

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I will be away for 10 days, Wieder will take care about my nation in LT43 and LT41

thx Wieder

#5 Re: LT37 » Another test game has been started » 11.01.2017 19:11:10

heh, I connected too late, game has ended.

#6 Re: LT37 » Another test game has been started » 09.01.2017 09:19:34

how to join to test game? I have idea that I could start new year with resuming my playing in LT.

#7 Re: other » goodbye? » 14.01.2016 05:40:17

Kryon wrote:

Thanks a lot for creating the LT concept and the community! (You created LT right?) Farewell...

No, concept of LT was by someone else, I heard about it from Gislan, which organized it with AFAIR LoD at www.civ.org.pl

#8 other » goodbye? » 12.01.2016 10:09:20

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The day has come, I realized that I'm not interested in joining to next LT. So it's kind of goodbye. Maybe in few months I will change my mind, but probably not - it's great fun for me to play early stage of LT, when warriors are involved and very early first movements, but next things is too complicated and I'm simply not able to focus enough to even know who am I ally with and what's plan of my alliance, who is enemy of my enemy .... that whole diplo stuff.

Things are too big. It's exceeds capacity of my internal CPU, while I have new kid on board wink.

If you will have some small LTs, maybe I will be interested in, but cannot be sure.

So I officially say goodbye to you all, it was great fun, maybe I will return. Maybe in  few years with son who will grow enough to hold the mouse.

Now matter of domain - it's not a problem for me to renew it in matter of cost, but it's huge problem in matter of remembering about it. I would rather like to own the domain, as it's quite good brand, but I don't insist. What I suggest, is that I will transfer it to some panel of you, and someone from your side will renew it every January.

#9 Re: LadderWars » LW4 » 18.11.2015 08:02:11

The easiest method to generate map is: make huge landmass huge size map, and draw cross of deep sea in the middle, with lines of cross touching edge of map. So you have 4 islands. Next erase one of them and voila wink

#10 Re: LadderWars » LW4 » 17.11.2015 11:26:10

do you need generator to do it? Make 3 islands, generate game one by one until you have equal number of playes on each island, save, swap players inside savefile (vim savefile.sav.gz or zvim savefile.sav.gz)

@taulover: maybe make all boats to sail only on shallow water and make deep water boundaries around ...
Also, we need to remember about air units. Especially helicopters.

#11 Re: LT36 » The theme for LT36 » 16.11.2015 10:10:09

offtopic enhance: "number of allies"=>number of ppl who a)has been chatted privately in last week more than X lines, b)who has other diplstate than war, c)who has shared vision with us, d)who has transferred techs via diplwindow

#12 Re: LT36 » The theme for LT36 » 16.11.2015 08:52:23

offtopic: I have idea how to prevent huge alliances: techloosing could be proportional to number of allies. Also each ally could generate some cost (money, trade, waste ...).

#13 Re: LadderWars » LW4 » 12.11.2015 08:18:02

as I understand your idea, is that I'm teamed with folks from other boards, see their vision or sth like that to be able to observe game in other board. So I'm worrying about leak from player to player, not from advisor to player.

#14 Re: LadderWars » LW4 » 12.11.2015 00:23:13

> We have a advisor to check if map is properly generated.

What advisor? Who is that advisor?

How can player see what is going on on different board? How do you want to prevent leaks of maps from board observer to board player?

#15 Re: LT36 » The theme for LT36 » 30.10.2015 06:05:28

it's easier to destroy city, but is harder to capture it. When you capture city smaller than 8 - you will destroy ut. It's great idea IMHO.

Also, it's very funny when you can locate city only on grass and plains, huge change to well-trodden paths of strategy.

#16 Re: LT36 » The theme for LT36 » 26.10.2015 09:58:11

I like idea of superexpensive settlers. But it would be also not easy to capture the city - they should be more easy to destroy, like in LW3.

#17 Re: LT36 » LT36: Who wants to participate in a test game for LT36? » 22.10.2015 08:11:48

I want to take part of it. I will be shortturn, right? At what hour will you start it? How long will it be online?

#18 Re: LT36 » LT36: The first draft of the LT36 Freeciv 2.5 ruleset is now on git » 15.10.2015 01:43:50

What's the difference between Atlatic Telegraph Company and Marco Polo Embassy?

#19 Re: LadderWars » Suspicious restart of LW3 » 30.07.2015 16:11:00

Ok, I didn't notice your rules. Especially that they don't work smile. Eg - LordP just conquered my city in LW3b. And it was way less than 8.  I thought that it's normal behaviour so I didn't file a bug.

#20 Re: LadderWars » Suspicious restart of LW3 » 30.07.2015 14:43:33

why bribing is not ok and why you must restart?

#21 Re: other » stop to play video gaming for remainder of 2015 » 28.07.2015 10:05:51

I support your boycott. I will boycott Longturn 23 hours and approx 40 minutes every day.

#22 Re: LadderWars » LW4 » 28.07.2015 09:47:01

edrim wrote:

Ok. I am thinking about LW4, I know it is little to early now, but we can think about some ways of building ruleset and have it once LW3 will be finished.

I am thinking about game without boats/air ships/heliz.
So we can make a 3 island game, and place players depends of their board affiliation to diferent boards. It will be hard but maybe we can do it in fair way to place all players on spots.

So there will be one winner per island, without any ability to fight cross the sea, right? I like this idea.

In this way tech leakage would work some different way and it could bring LW on different level.

Another idea is to make board with very low number of specials, like 1 for a city, but those specials could be very powerfull (like wheat gives 8 food or even more). So player could place cities on those specials.

We are waiting for answers if we are keep those settings:

-nobuild for settlers


-build cities only on flat

or - maybe - build cities only on hills/mountains? Especially mountains? Eagle War wink.

-teraforming in one way only

or no terraforming at all.

#23 Re: LT36 » Let's start planning LT36, the first 2.5 game » 21.07.2015 09:31:32

re effect of game play - how can I play shortturn(*) with lt ruleset with longturn players?

when I say shortturn - I mean not orthodox short turn, but let's say several minutes/turn. Slow enough to play during work, fast enough to try and catch bugs and have fun.

#24 Re: LadderWars » LW3 » 21.07.2015 09:01:50

Port is 5132, not 132.

#25 Re: LadderWars » LW3 » 20.07.2015 09:54:48

oh, game seems to be not started yet. But forum still sucks wink

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