#1 Re: LT38 » open seat » 04.07.2017 21:00:59

yep give to anyone who can take..

while waiting for replacement, i gave my password to team so they can assign delegation while waiting for player to take open spot..

#2 LT38 » open seat » 02.07.2017 17:33:16

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anyone want to take my player? I am going to go idle soon if someone want to play

#3 Re: LT38 » The proposed teams for LT38 » 20.06.2017 01:02:37

these teams seem unbalanced..
on blue team there are many players i know such as cgalik, drew, chill, lord p, paavo, and el pollo

corbeau and ptizoom are the only players i know on my team.. corbeau plays peaceful style, and you know he will be leaving many big cities empty for other team to conquer.. i don't know how you decided these teams were fair?

#4 LT38 » sdi city improvement? » 04.06.2017 02:05:46

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How about making sdi small wonder? I think this would be nice, because otherwise player who first builds manhattans can quickly launch nuke on opponents palace (there is unlimited moves for nukes if passing between subs on water).. This way player can at least defend palace from nukes.. it is taking too long to research laser... this small wonder would be same as sdi defense, but would only be able to be built from one city per player...

#5 Re: LT38 » supermarket » 02.06.2017 01:52:49

how about to make workers free support + less defense? If you give them 4 attack/defense, they will quickly get to 10 with vet upgrades anyway.. they should never be stronger than phlanx

#6 Re: LT38 » Reply here to join Team Red » 01.06.2017 01:07:54

we will have the winners from last game be on same team!

haken, cgalik, arkan, fran, chill, mmm2, and drew

#7 LT38 » supermarket » 29.05.2017 12:34:05

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what do you think about moving supermarket to marketplace, and then make supermarket double bonus?


marketplace: normal effect  +  1 food bonus for irrigated tiles
supermarket: +1 food for "farmed" tiles

workers: free support? it seems in past games want to build many more workers, but running out of shield support. this way, don't have to worry about micromanagement, especially resupporting workers so that all cities don't support more than 2 units or 3 with zeus (annoyance to have to reshuffle and rehome always)...

also maybe lower defense bonus of workers from 10 to 3 and engineers from 20 to 6, because they will rapidly get promoted increasing defense (this would stop players from using workers to defend instead of phlanxes, especially now if free support)...

#8 Re: LT37 » The test game has been restarted 19th Dec » 23.12.2016 20:34:48

hi wieder, the map was still to big - although we don't know how many players will confirm playing. I am not sure yet if I will join. I hope that we could put something that limits login time, but that will take lots of programming effort, and I don't think anyone has time to modify - we would have to track time logged in, and then cut players after being logged in more than X minutes. I thnk many have quitted playing because of time needed each turn.. It can be 4 hour turns at end game if you are serious to win...

#9 Re: LT37 » Boosting Fundamentalism and making it relevant in the early game » 10.12.2016 00:43:46

the test game ended.. restart so we can test changes...

#10 other » stop to play video gaming for remainder of 2015 » 26.07.2015 20:57:13

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i stop to play video games for rest of year 2015 smile I will be back in 2016 smile

#11 Re: LT35 » The teams for LT35 » 10.07.2015 04:12:02

wieder wrote:

The start of LT35 will happen as soon as possible. As pretty much expected, there can be delays during the summer :SS

What it comes to having some people playing as single player, I have no idea about that and can't really comment that stuff just now. I'll just remind that LT35 has pooled research and the research cost for any single player would be the same as for the teams = 6x normal and about 7,5x compared to LT34. Really. Having single players would probably count as having some huts on the game. Possibly.

forget about this idea i had.. it will make LT35 into a joke if we have single players in team game..

#12 Re: LT35 » The teams for LT35 » 09.07.2015 18:22:23

may I request at the last minute to be added to LT35 as solo player? I promise I won't attack either side, and just build lot's of musketeers and fanatics (if I can reach guirila warfare). I wouldn't want to do this if any of the existing players didn't want this. Would this be ok with the participants??

#13 Re: LT35 » LT35 and LW3 - idleness, start time » 06.07.2015 14:39:00

maho wrote:

I should delegate control to someone

delegate to mmm2

#14 Re: LT35 » The first draft of the LT35 ruleset is now online » 18.06.2015 19:17:01

wieder wrote:

LT35: Armor will have a firepower of 2


* Fusion Armor (2FP, 160 cost)
* Fusion Howitzer (2FP, 140 cost)
* Fusion Fighter (2FP, 160 cost)
* Fusion Battleship (2FP, 320 cost)
*Fusion Power Plant (100 cost, effect needed to build Fusion units)

#15 Re: LadderWars » LW3 » 15.06.2015 11:55:48

StratThinker wrote:

please stop sign ups.

sign ups ended more than 20 days ago! I signed up on  27.05.2015, and that was last day to register. anyone wanting to register or sign out of game has been locked out since then...

#16 Re: LadderWars » LW3 » 15.06.2015 05:49:45

Perhaps we should postpone Lw3 until autumn?
1) Lw3 has been in pregame forever, about half of players will be idlers if game was really started today..
2) Lw3 has more entrants than Lt35. Perhaps we could consolidate the two into one game, because there is barely enough players for even one ladder.
3) It is summertime, so everyone is vacationing now, and most players will be idlers anyway..

#17 Re: LT34 » Cannons are too weak against musketeers? » 25.04.2015 17:26:11

CedricD wrote:

All my hopes was put to "Gets double firepower when attacking cities" string in help, which should give 16 attack even with firepower=1.
My opponent told that his musketeers were maximum vet2, so they had 9*1.75=15.75 def.
So, the question is open: either I had extremely bad luck today, or "2x firepower against cities" is not true.
If latter, then any offensive is useless at the same epoch, only unexpected 1-turn massive attack may succeed sad

Does anybody know if fight were logged somewhere with actual firepowers?
And I think, it would be good to log real attack/defence/hitpoint of every fight in message window, to explain suspicions like that.

forget about the other stuff I wrote... I guess the city must have been size 8+? Then it would get another *1.5 bonus.. defender would have 20.5. Your 8X attacker would have 28% chance of winning each round and have to put 10 hits. Defender would have 72% chance of winning each round and have to put 20 hits. It should be something like 45% probability for your unit to win battle...

#18 Re: LT34 » Researching the effect of tech-leakage » 15.04.2015 19:10:00

here is formula it uses to calculate it:

base_cost *= (double) (players - players_with_tech);
base_cost /= (double) players;

so for example, if tech costs 1000 bulbs and you are 2nd out of 50 to research:
1000 * (45 - 1) / 45 = 978 bulbs
or if you are last to research:
1000 * (45 - 44) / 45 = 22 bulbs

so decrease of 2.22% for each player who has tech already...

#19 Re: New Games » A new (or an alternative) point system » 10.04.2015 05:31:29

wieder wrote:

In LT30 there were 20-40 nations teaming up to kill 3 nations. Then again in LT31 we had an alliance of maybe 20+ nations doing the almost same thing. This can't be avoided but it can be discouraged. The game is more interesting to many people if this is discouraged. Just like the game can be more interesting to some people if there are no restrictions for going this.

You/Admin's tried to solve problem, but by solving problem, you created new one: now noob/casual players are always going to lose. If the noob team really won Lt30!!??? that is amazing accomplishment, why not to CONGRATULATE THEM for impressive feat instead of PUNISHING THEM by imposing this idiotic rule to limit them to small team size???? I was actually very impressed with the "Church team" in Lt31 - it was becoming somewhat of a legend - why to stop this???

If you want rule change, you should write the code like maho, but since this rule is ambiguous and undefined anyway, you would not be able to!! So, if you want real rule, it should be written into game and validated by server. Players are going to get around rules and not pay attention to them if they are really motivated to win. It is same way as if Government announces ambiguous and undefined rule to citizens: most often it will be ignored. If the citizens do follow the undefined rules, they are usually at a disadvantage to those that are unaware of the rule or don't pay attention to it and thus earn more money, etc by being unhindered by it...

I would also like to mention that last Lt33 was spoiled due to the fact that there was disagreement and squabbling among my team about this very rule about team size. Everyone had there own interpretation of it, despite the many pages of forum threads about it... If not for this rule, we may have been able to counter against your "all star" team.. but there was major disagreement about people's interpretation, and our team actually split in half because of it and then began fighting each other instead.. This rule greatly assisted your all-star team to have an even easier victory... smile...

#20 Re: LT34 » The new LT35 ruleset based on LT34, list suggestions here » 19.03.2015 00:54:47

wieder, it seems you did great job balancing this ruleset. We are still in the ancient units phase, so yet to see if pricing is right for the end game pieces.

New&Previous suggestions:
Darwin's voyage: It is worthless, should be priced more like 200 instead of 1500
King Richards: way overpriced, and nobody will build it for 150...
Sun Tzu Academy?
Statue of Liberty?

Carrier Pigeon: move 1 square per turn on any terrain; can be captured; same function as diplomats
Dolphin: would be a friendly unit that explores 2 tiles per turn, and can be captured..
Dirty Bomb: It will put pollution for 3X3 square where it is dropped.
Cargo Plane: It will be same as transporter, except it flies.
Amphibious Transport: same as transporter, except it is invisible like a submarine (unless directly next to).
V3 Rocket Launcher: A unit that carries cruise missiles
Attack dog: 0 upkeep, 1 attack, 0 defense, movement: 4
Mamoth Tank: 24X attack, cost 300 shields

City Improvements:
Radar Tower: would give city vision of 20X20

#21 Re: LT34 » Tips and stuff like that on this thread » 17.02.2015 07:45:50

wieder wrote:

From the game chat

In the early game, if you are unsure about allying, lots of players use NAP (non aggression pact) deals to agree about short term peace. That has worked well for me and lots of other players. A NAP is simply an agreement between two players about not attacking each other. On this kind of game it usually includes, by default, an agreement of not settling on the other player's home island. Not responding to a question about NAP is usually interpreted as a slightly hostile action. If a NAP is not something someone wants to do, it's better to say that than remain silent smile  All this is of course something that has been used traditionally used by some players and it's not a rule or anything like that. The NAP deals usually work quite well because people are worried about the reputation they have. It's very hard to make future deals if the reputation is trashed in the early game big_smile If you are doing a deal with some new player (new to you), it's quite common to ask his her neighbors about his or her reputation of if there were issues or stuff like that when dealing with that player.

Does someone have a different view on NAP deals and stuff related with those? smile

NAP = indefinite ceasefire? I haven't heard this exact term "NAP" used before, but why not just call it a ceasefire? Generally, ceasefires are very fragile agreements that typically can be broken at any point, but usually in situations were neither side would benefit from unwinnable "vietnam war" so they agree to neutrality. However, if you did want to attack, then probably you would not want to notify of this, or no? Usually it is only courtesy to give advanced notice of ending shared vision/alliance.

spoiler alert: if you haven't had the time to run localhost test games like i have, you may want to follow this oversimplified guide, but otherwise it may be fun to follow your own steps....

spolier guide:
set tax to maximum until you have libraries in all cities (preferably universities too). in this ruleset science is very fast, and you should be able to get all the early techs with 80% or 70% tax ( I prefer republic because it gives slight advantage, and lets you max 80% instead of 70% for monarchy).
1: build pyramids
2: build hanging gardens (this will allow you to grow city 1 additional size without requiring martial law, temple, or entertainer)
3: build temples in all cities + temple of artmitis to double effect of temples
4: marketplaces ( in some cities you may even build marketplaces before temples if very fast production and low food)
5: court houses in most cities (maybe optionally in cities too close to palace)
6:banks (in some cities building banks before court houses if cities are really near palace)
7:caravans (rush build marco polo)
8.aquaducts, harbors in certain cities with fish/whales
9:stock exchange, and build michaelangelo's at same time)
10:build libraries, and start saving gold (you will want to wait until some player builds isaac newton, or build it yourself before max science)
10b: build universities to get key techs like refrigeration, railroad, etc. Think about setting back to max tax if you see Isaac Newton's isn't built.
11:build granary+supermarket (you may want to build granaries in some cities beforehand but probably not all until supermarkets)..
12: sewer systems
13: factories, powerplant
14: build tons units, wait for plastics to build mnfct plants... build other misc improvements like port facil, airports, barracks 3, etc...

some other notes:
** choose government according to your circumstance. If you are in peaceful area, republic + democracy are best choices, but for early action monarchy+communism are best choices.
** granary micromanagement: be sure to micromanage your surpluses, and shift resources between cities, so to avoid having situations arise such as being 39/40 in granary (for this case, be sure to set surplus to +1 food, and everything else to high production). Early in game shifting resources between cities is easy, but later in game, it can be very time consuming. However, you will lose tempo every turn if you do not micromanage, especially in early phase of game.
** once you have refrigeration it is great to have as many cities as possible having exactly 30 food surplus each turn, so city grows every turn. Try to use every single tile on island as quickly as possible to max out production and economy potential of island..
** rush building wonder: try to get your palace to produce 35+ production points very early in game, so you can produce marco polo's as fast as possible. It seems to work best to build it only from palace, but you may want to get help from a few other cities if they've finished building their improvements really fast, but in my tests, about 80-90% of marco polo's was built from production by palace, and slightly less from michaelanagelo's..
** if you are needing theology, be sure to save up production points to build js bachs.. js bachs will be needed to replace temple of artmetis when it expires from learning theology.
** if you are in battlefield setting, be sure to make your cities unbribable (the two ways are to build mausolos small wonder or switch to democracy).
**possibly best tip: try to get as many as possible top players on your team such as edrim, wieder, kryon, stratthinker. That way you will have greater chance to win, and be able to compare your progress to theirs by sharing vision, and ask for tips, etc.
**if you need fast defense, it's best to plan in advance and build barracks from city with +30 production, then you can produce 3 veteran warriors from that city each turn, and quickly fill your cities with defenders. next build leonardo's workshop, and get gunpowder (then all  warriors will be upgraded to musketeers - a great deal because you only paid 10 shields instead of 40 shields for each unit). another great strategy is too accumulate veteran horses, and then upgrade them to cavalries, athough this is possibly bad because of the unit upkeep in gold/production shields) - generally it's best to keep unit upkeep as low as possible early in game...
** be confident in yourself even if you are underdog, and don't accept bitch-deals like being vassal.

Following these steps, it's typical to get all the essential improvements up to factories, power plants, and mnfct plants by around T110 to T125 (depending how much stuff you want to build in your cities.. after power plants, pace of building rapidly increases)....

thanks much to wieder and other players who gave me some of these tips.

#22 Re: LT34 » The new LT35 ruleset based on LT34, list suggestions here » 08.02.2015 19:30:06

How about we have each city be able to have production for units and a production for improvements, so players can build units and improvements simultaneously. Now that this ruleset favors sim city more, early units become obsolete too fast and are barely worth building. I'm sure everyone would agree to play game like this, or not? THe question is jsut who would make this modification to the game, as this seems like high level of difficulty to make this enhancement...

#23 Re: LT34 » The winners for LT34 (military and space race) » 17.01.2015 19:45:56

there seems to be a lot of confusion about the terminology. people are still associating alliance size with # winners!??

to clarify: these rules don't restrict at all the size of teams. It only restricts number of winners. you can still have team of 50 players if you wanted, and then it's up to you to decide winning scheme (ie, roll dice, lottery, top scores, etc). And there are actually unlimited number of survivors, because you can launch space ship whenever you want to end the game.

#24 Re: LT34 » Want to join LT34 but missed the start? » 17.01.2015 18:49:29

does anyone want to join game in case there are idlers? how about we delay end of T0 until we find out if idlers or not? Why? because it's unfair and unmotivating to start with missing T0...

#25 LT34 » problem with idlers? » 17.01.2015 18:47:13

Replies: 8

It seems we have big problem with idlers in LT34. In other forum we somehow came to strange conclusion that settlers will magically disappear after 12 or so turns if idle?? In my localhost tests, this does not happen!!...

What to do?: I suggest common sense solution: lets start a thread about waiting list, and assign to those on waiting list before T0 ends. We do not want to wait until T1, as this is unfair to give players wanting to join a 1 turn handicap with lost turn... We can delay game, but if someone hasn't arrived by T0 then they should be assigned to someone who wants to play, or just removed.

Let's please not turn the first 15 turns into a circus easter egg hunt like last game...?

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