#1 Re: LT37 » Winning post. » 06.06.2017 17:43:48

congrats to winners!!! I can generate animated map if an admin can share savedgames files with me.

#2 Re: LT37 » Winning post. » 06.06.2017 17:42:35

arkan wrote:

About the final score tab, the population numbers do not match the numbers displayed in my client for my nation.
For instance I have had a population of 176 890 000 at the end of the game and not 2 141 000 (I don't really understand what that number refers to).

hmm it likely shows total number of city workers or city sizes x 1000. the in game demographics population shows something else. did you likely have a total of 2141 workers?

#3 LT37 » delegation » 11.05.2017 20:43:08

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I go out of town. I delegate to Wieder for 2-3 turns. I ll be back on Sunday.

#4 Re: LT38 » Nukes and battleships » 06.05.2017 07:46:01

Battleships have 18 attack/defense, 30 hp and 2 fp. Against a 20 hp defender with 1 fp (e.g. rifle, alpine, marine, partisan, fanatic) they essentially have 18x2x1.5=54 attack vs 4-5 defense. They only cost x3 of those defenders (150 vs 50 shields). A v-rifle in city on hill with coastal and size 9 or above has 4x1.5x1.5x1.5x1.5x2=40.5 defense vs a v-battleships 18x1.5x1.5x2=81 attack.  Even a nuke with 99 attack with 10 hp vs a non-veteran battleship with 18x2x3=108 defense can fail!

They are just too strong. Instead of inccreasing the cost, I suggest decreasing its fp from 2 to 1.

Edit: Oh just found out from help that  "If a ship is attacking a land unit on land the firepower of both is set to 1." Still battleships are too strong against other sea units...I still suggest lowering their fp to 1 for all units.

#5 Re: LT38 » More possible changes for LT38 » 01.04.2017 18:05:41

I support all these changes except I think hill cities should keep the 2 food.

#6 Re: LT37 » Quick connect to the server » 31.01.2017 20:35:44

Welcome to LT. I hope you enjoy it.

Yes you can set server, port and username in the game / local options / server options. And then you have to "game / save options". But password cant be saved.

My PC is off now so I cant check the exact names of the options.

#7 Re: LT37 » LT37 has started » 20.01.2017 10:23:08

Had been a looong break. Thanks wieder!

#8 Re: LT37 » New Player with Same IP » 20.01.2017 10:01:34

I see no problem with it since it was announced early enough.

#9 Re: LT37 » LT37 test game with proposed "final map" was started » 19.01.2017 10:58:17

I like the challenge. Citymindist is 4? Maybe it can be reduced further to 3? It should definitely not be 5.

#10 Re: LT37 » Another test game has been started » 09.01.2017 18:09:01

Maho welcome back! Glad you are back.

Click confirm on LT37 page and Wieder will add you to the next test game. Maybe he can add you to the current one?

#11 Re: LT37 » When LT37 will start? » 03.01.2017 15:04:32

Shall we start the confirmation period? Wieder are you there?

#12 Re: LT37 » The test game has been restarted 19th Dec » 24.12.2016 00:41:02

I think the island size was actually small but acceptable, not really big at all. The total map was large due to 50+ players. I think the mapsize is set by tiles per player so if there are less players the map will be smaller.

I also support a time limit per turn. I am sure there is a setting for that. I remember we had used it in an earlier LT game.

#13 Re: LT37 » Boosting Fundamentalism and making it relevant in the early game » 10.12.2016 14:50:41

It has been very long since players joined. I suggest you start confirmations so that active players are known.

#14 Re: LT37 » The server settings for LT37 (may require tweaking) » 02.12.2016 19:00:58

I am ok with these settings.

The number of tiles per player will be same with previous game?

I prefer settlers costing 2 pop.

I am ok with either islands or continents game.

#15 Re: LT37 » Winning conditions for LT37, suggestions? » 02.12.2016 18:56:32

I'd prefer alliance based victory. I think having at least 5 alliances makes the game more dynamic so I suggest the max number of players to win as round(N/5) where N is the number of players.

#16 Re: LT37 » When LT37 will start? » 02.12.2016 18:52:54

Wieder glad you're back! (once again) Obviously nothing happens here without you smile

#17 Re: LT37 » When LT37 will start? » 24.09.2016 11:00:20

Glad that you are back! Hope you are fine.

#18 Re: LT37 » Here you can list suggestions about what to change for LT37 » 10.05.2016 07:09:36

I prefer citymindist=4. Also please fix the border issue. That is, the borders remain fixed when a city is built near enemy border which I think is very annoying. Is it possible to fix this?

#19 Re: LT37 » Citymindist 4 or 5? » 10.05.2016 07:05:43

If the map will be smaller I'd prefer keeping it at 4.

#20 Re: LT37 » I propose the following for LT37 » 02.04.2016 13:03:43

Is it possible to fix the border issue? (In LT36 when a nation builds a city near another nation's border, the borders do not change). In a small map this will be very important.

#21 LT36 » Idlers » 13.01.2016 19:02:51

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One of the players (Garibaldi) is idling for 7 turns. Any replacement candidates?

#22 Re: other » goodbye? » 12.01.2016 18:11:27

Thanks a lot for creating the LT concept and the community! (You created LT right?) Farewell...

#23 Re: LT36 » LT36 has started » 04.01.2016 11:37:38

Restarted completely or from savedgame?

#24 Re: LT35 » T159: Red Team Victory » 03.01.2016 09:12:54

Thanks cgalik for the update.

Arkan was in the list here http://forum.longturn.org/viewtopic.php?id=547 and I could not find any posts in the forum that he did not play. Wieder can you confirm that he did not play?

Maho was completely eliminated before Team Red won? I'd normally count him as winner but the winning conditions announced by wieder here prohobits that:

http://forum.longturn.org/viewtopic.php?id=552  "Specific to LT35: Only living nations can win the game..."

Wieder, I think in a team game all players of a team deserves winner status even if they did not survive. What do you say?

Evan's long delegation means he could be replaced by a player but he was not. If he was replaced by another player, that player would be counted as winner and Evan would be counted only as a survivor. But in this case, Evan will be counted as winner.

#25 Re: LT34 » Rankings after LT34 » 03.01.2016 08:57:21

kull wrote:

Just a small correction, my last game was LT34

LT34 had many idler replacements:

Vendicar by John
vidlius by Xanox
ifaesfu by kull
Buggy by dkudriavtsev2
Luca by meton

For idler replacements my policy has been to count idler as loser if that nation lost and to count replacement as winner if that nation won. Since none of the replacements won LT34, I counted the idler players as losers and replacers as they did not play the game. However, I now think it d better to count replacers as survivors (if they lose the game) so that their last game played and number of games played can be updated. The scores will not change. I will update the list accordingly.

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