#1 Re: LT45 » Ruleset suggestions for future games. » Yesterday 09:57:45

Oh, so that isn't possible now? You can confirm it?

But is that actually a ruleset issue?

#3 Re: LT42 » usefullness of the diplomate.... » 10.11.2018 12:04:14

Sabotaging walls has always been a very uncertain tactic.

#4 New Games » Followup to LT42 ruleset and continuing work further » 09.11.2018 16:04:38

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I've put together a short summary (only a few pages) about the LT42 ruleset, here. Feel free to comment there or discuss here, or on the Freeciv forum (link is in the document).

#5 Re: LT45 » Diplomat Whining Thread » 08.11.2018 23:32:55

I think not. All his attempts to do anything are first opposed by existing diplomats/spies. Diplomatic battle ensues and only after there is nobody defending, the attacker can try an action.

#6 Re: LT45 » More Mechanics Complaints: ZOC bypass » 08.11.2018 17:55:09

Wahazar wrote:
Corbeau wrote:

It's not a problem that a scout can pass, but that it can lead a whole army along the way, regardless what is left and right.

That is what the scout is for - check if the path is safe and clear of ambushes.

Can it also make the path clear of projectiles flying from all sides as the unit is moving between two enemy units? And also protect the supply lines as the army moves into enemy territory?

#7 LT42 » Idlers » 08.11.2018 12:06:14

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These players have connected on the Turn 0:


These players haven't:

WhoWantsAGameOfCivilization (I may have missed come capitalization)

Escaping into the Safety of the Rules, I declare that we now officially have 6 vacancies.

#8 Re: LT45 » More Mechanics Complaints: ZOC bypass » 08.11.2018 12:01:16

It's not a problem that a scout can pass, but that it can lead a whole army along the way, regardless what is left and right.

#9 Re: LT45 » More Mechanics Complaints: ZOC bypass » 07.11.2018 23:20:20

Well, at least that's ruleset-specific and can be changed, unlike some other stuff.

#10 Re: LT42 » accounts of those who lost a tree of science and cannot recover it.... » 06.11.2018 10:14:29

Yes, it's problematic if you log off and let 100 turns pass without you.

#12 LT42 » LT42: Ending, winning and other game settings » 04.11.2018 15:36:49

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LT42 will be different from all previous LT games in one technical aspect: it will not end automatically upon victory of a player or an alliance. Instead, there is a number of endgame conditions. Once those conditions are met, game formally ends and score is calculated. After that, players who wish to do so may continue playing in a "sandbox/informal" game, to test out the new ruleset or, simply, to have fun. Game will be physically terminated at a later point that is to be decided between remaining players and admins.


LT42 will end formally and score will be calculated when endgame conditions are met. Conditions are related to the Demographics reports and will need to be detected by the players themselves. Once any player publicly declares that a certain condition is met, the game ends on that particular turn and score is calculated. This needs to be declared publicly in the in-game chat. (Alternatively, a player is free to buy an ad in New York Times or a major daily newspaper in his country. The main point is that noticing that a condition is met and muttering it to himself will not be enough. It needs to be publicly declared.)

Modifications to the ruleset have been introduced in order to make endgame conditions detectable.
1. Marco Polo wonder (giving embassy with all players) will be available with Banking. The cost of the wonder is 100 shields.
2. After discovering Electricity, a player will automatically have embassy with everybody, without the need to build Marco Polo.

This will enable players to monitor technologies of all other player and also see which player is No. 1 in some demographic categories.

The official game will end when any of the conditions below are met. N will be the number of active (non-idle) players on Turn 10 of the game.

- A spaceship is built and arrives at its destination.

- One player discovers Future Tech sqrt(N).

- Sqrt(N) players discover Future Tech 1.

- One or more players control 1/sqrt(N) of overall land area on the map.
For this, at the start of the game an overall landmass will be determined from the server settings. It may happen that the number is not completely accurate, but the error should be negligible and the number determined will be used.

If a player conquers enough land before others have built Marco Polo, he has no one to blame but himself. The game continues until at least a few other players can confirm this, either by building Marco Polo or establishing embassies manually, using Diplomats.

- (Just as a failsafe), current year is reached, whichever that is.


There aren't any. When the game formally ends, in-game score determines who rocked, who rolled and who was rickrolled. Score is individual. There is no alliance victory. You are fighting for your place on the ranking table.

It is quite possible (although not extremely likely) that the player who triggered endgame conditions will not have the best score and thus will not be the "winner".


Naturally, a single player is not allowed to have more accounts in order to control more nations. All transgressors will be amputated from the game. Anesthetics will not be used. Screaming will be ignored.

Delegation is allowed up to a limit. Common sense will be used and all players must publicly announce delegations that may last more than a few days. Weekend is fine, don't spam with every detail. One week should be made public.

A player may control more nations through delegation for a very short time. You can have more short-term delegations (as long as they are not from the same nation, obviously), but only one long-term (more than a week). Again, common sense will be used. If there is a good reason why you should take more than one long-term delegation, ask and it will be discussed. "My friend has lost interest and I'd like to keep his nation alive" may be a good reason for the nation to be delegated, but not necessarily for it to be delegated to you.

In all other cases, common sense will be used. When in doubt, apply more common sense.


First turn will last 3 times the normal length of the turn (3 * 23 hours), to allow all players who signed in to receive the information that the game has stared, to join in, have a look around, make sure everything is functioning.

Nations belonging to players declared idle will be available for replacement. Player will be considered idle if:
- he didn't join during the first 3 * 23 hour turn
- hasn't logged in for 7 days after playing for at least 1 turn

Replacement candidates, please contact Wieder on this forum or on one of the LongTurn Discord servers.

#13 Re: LT42 » Question on how to log into game when it starts » 04.11.2018 10:45:30

And it will definitely be shouted when it does start. Which should be any moment now (ok, minutes, hours...)

#14 Re: LT42 » Question on how to log into game when it starts » 03.11.2018 16:31:21

When was this "last time"?

You are on the list so when the game starts, you should be in...

#16 Re: LT42 » Question on how to log into game when it starts » 31.10.2018 16:37:49

I don't understand. If you put "5042" instead of "unknown", people won't be able to sign up?

#17 Re: LT42 » Question on how to log into game when it starts » 31.10.2018 15:48:22

The data SHOULD be on this page: http://longturn.org/game/LT42/

However... Wieder!!!

You need this:

host:    longturn.org
port:    5042

You can check if everything is working right now by using this info to join the test game that is running currently.

Welcome aboard.

#18 Re: New Games » Hexes? » 27.10.2018 14:14:50

Does anyone know how City Radius number works with hexes? With squares, the radius is actually sqrt(), so 25 actually means 5. What about hexes?

#20 Re: New Games » Hitpoints and Firepower » 16.10.2018 09:54:51

The point of increasing HP is exactly what you stated: decreasing the influence of Randy. Which makes perfect sense: we don't want the probability of Swordsmen killing a Musketeer to be 40%, do we? The HP increase actually symbolizes the incoming of the next unit super-class: gunpowder against swords.

#21 Re: New Games » Fixing or changing the siege units » 15.10.2018 23:07:31

That's exactly why such units will ALL have a "Bombarder" flag in LT42 wink

#22 Re: LT45 » What is the actual defense bonus in a city? » 15.10.2018 17:48:11

Ok, THAT is a good point. Yes, it does.

#23 Re: LT45 » What is the actual defense bonus in a city? » 15.10.2018 16:31:44

Well, you don't get a bonus, but you do get some peace from preventing the unit to pop up every time someone passes by smile

#24 Re: LT45 » What is the actual defense bonus in a city? » 15.10.2018 16:10:00

I don't even know what language that is (C?), but "if ((pcity || fortified)" looks like "if a unit is in a city OR fortified". Meaning, even if both conditions are met, it's still just one instance of it. 1 OR 1 is still just 1.

#25 Re: New Games » Fixing or changing the siege units » 14.10.2018 18:12:36

Ah, ok, but that's not counterattacking. And if that is the case, I'd say a veteran attack units would be more efficient.

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