#1 Re: LT39 » The speed of the science? » 29.09.2017 21:09:57

Fine at 80%. It really is the only thing that gives other lesser developed nations a chance, so I don't mind it at 100%.

#2 Re: LT39 » The speed of the science? » 28.09.2017 12:37:18

Good by me. It lengthens the game, but get to enjoy each tech stage a little bit more.

#3 Re: LT39 » Restrictinfra ON or OFF ? » 21.09.2017 20:04:29

wieder wrote:

Sure. We can also do restrictinfra OFF (hey, Cgalik:) and tiredattack ON.

If you have more ideas for a traditional allied victory game, let me know about them. Let's make this a great game! smile

haha yeah woeder. I like restrictinfra off, for more action. I think it's too one-sided to have defense be able to use roads and not the offense. But I realize your whole nation can go down in one turn. Otherwise it takes till Alpines for that to be able to happen.

#5 Re: LT38 » please firewall ! » 11.09.2017 20:57:45

I second that. Not sure if it's possible, but that would be great.

#6 Re: ScenarioGame 1 » A new concept to Longturn games, scenario game » 23.07.2017 11:41:22

Also if you get too many players for a particular SG, you could just make two of the same scenario SG1a and SG1b.

#7 Re: LT38 » LT38 has started » 22.06.2017 15:30:48

Joris, the port is 5038.

#9 Re: LT38 » The proposed teams for LT38 » 20.06.2017 01:12:32

I paid him off more than you did. smile Haha jk

Mmm2/wieder, you can swap one player if you'd like (except for Luke, as we will coming from same IP).

#10 Re: LT38 » The proposed winning conditions and rules for LT38 » 18.06.2017 14:29:05

Sounds good. Thanks, admin! smile Wish you were playing, but enjoy the summer!

#12 Re: LT38 » I cannot remain... » 07.06.2017 12:15:17

Yeah Luke is gone at summer camp. I don't mind playing his nation too. smile

And also again I will point out that we will be coming from the same IP as Luke lives with me.

#13 Re: LT38 » sdi city improvement? » 05.06.2017 21:22:25

I don't like it. Yes it is an obvious strategy, but that is the prize for first to nukes. Just my 2¢.

#14 Re: LT37 » Winning post. » 05.06.2017 20:46:23

Only arkan can as he has Atlantic Telegraph Company. Mmm2 does not.

#15 Re: LT37 » Winning post. » 04.06.2017 14:05:22

Haha whoops, yeah fran too!

arkan, since you have embassy with all, can you post all scores?

#16 Re: LT38 » Ruleset changes after the game has started » 03.06.2017 14:06:00

Yes, this should be allowed. (It was my idea.) smile

#17 Re: LT38 » Partisans » 02.06.2017 16:00:20

I think think partisans are fine for 2 team game as shouldn't be exploited. But for other LT games should be removed. I know you want to just do it now so you don't forget about it for LT39 and forward.

#18 Re: LT38 » supermarket » 02.06.2017 11:49:11

Well team game we can have someone else pick up for idler. But I think only will be fair to remove idler if it keeps teams balanced (within 1). Otherwise someone from team can get admin to do forced delegation after X turns. X = 4?

#19 Re: LT38 » supermarket » 02.06.2017 11:22:25

Yes I agree to make workers able to be captured.

Probably not settlers as it is too big of a swing to capture idlers starting settlers.

I also think explorers should also not have any upkeep.

#20 Re: LT38 » supermarket » 01.06.2017 21:42:10

I actually think worker defense works too well, but not sure how to solve that? If could get worker defense to be worse like a diplo? Then could do zero upkeep for workers, which would be nice. After all, even a really experience guy with a shovel shouldn't be a match for a musketeer. smile Even if they are fighting uphill. lol

#21 Re: LT38 » Does anyone know if it would be possible to make coastals visible? » 25.05.2017 02:47:06

I think it'd also be nice to make Barracks and Port Facility Visible as well. Otherwise you have to ask your ally, "does it have barracks?" and if your teammate is on the other side of the world and offline, they often don't respond right then. smile But that does give info to the opposition as well, but I'm fine with that although others may not be.

#22 Re: LT38 » Does anyone know if it would be possible to make coastals visible? » 22.05.2017 22:22:00

Fine by me either way. You can see walls, now you can see coastal defense, so I figured you should be able to see SAM Battery as well.

#23 Re: LT38 » The cost of the migrants » 22.05.2017 18:20:04

And for the record, I think promotion chances should stay high like LT37. I think I only saw 1 elite 3 war unit in the whole LT37 game.

#24 Re: LT38 » Does anyone know if it would be possible to make coastals visible? » 22.05.2017 15:24:55

I think it would be nice to make airports and SAM Battery visible too.

#25 Re: LT38 » Errors on the help text » 22.05.2017 15:23:30

Also I think the help text should be allowed to be fixed on the fly during the game if errors are found.

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