#1 Re: LT38 » A team game? How to select the players for the teams? » 11.02.2017 14:26:33

wieder, I love team games because there isn't nearly as much of the "diplomacy" and "you backstabbed me" stuff.

New players FYI: the last team game, LT35 was very simple of just two teams: http://forum.longturn.org/viewtopic.php?id=547 . I highly recommend it. The new players get to watch how the experienced players do it and it's in the best interest of experienced players to teach them. There's a lot of team work, which I love. So this is my preference.

Otherwise if you're doing lots of little teams, it gets complicated how to select them. And the number of winning teams/player should depend on how many players we get. But yes, if we got 30 players then around 6-9 winners is about right, in my humble opinion.  However you decide to select them, I'm confident you'd do the best you could to make it as fair as you can.

Thanks for starting the conversation now and all your work as admin!

#3 Re: LT37 » New Player with Same IP » 20.01.2017 19:29:38

I don't know the admin stuff, but I am sure we will have at least one idler.

#4 Re: LT37 » New Player with Same IP » 20.01.2017 12:07:57

Haha thanks Corbeau. Maybe there will be an idler got him to take over.

#5 Re: LT37 » LT37 has started » 19.01.2017 21:38:23

Thanks, wieder and akfaew! smile

#6 Re: LT37 » New Player with Same IP » 19.01.2017 21:15:02

Sounds good, and yeah too late for LT37. We'll see what others think. (I should have posted in general forum, not LT37 forum.)

#7 LT37 » New Player with Same IP » 19.01.2017 20:14:47

Replies: 9

Hey LT,

So I'm a LT veteran and my son has watched me play some games. We started playing https://play.freeciv.org/ against each other. Now he wants to play LT.

I'm wondering if it's ok to allow him and myself to play this game with me. I will most definitely be helping and teaching him and looking at his screen and him also mine. We may even play at the same time on different computers. He lives with me and it will be of course be from the same IP address when we are both home. He hasn't made an account yet, but will if it's ok if he plays.

I can take myself and him off an winners list now if someone objects, no problem. I always try to win, but would be more fun to play with him than win. Post here or if you'd rather object privately, send a private message to me or admin.

This has happened before in LT30: http://forum.longturn.org/viewtopic.php?id=52.

Thanks for considering,

#8 Re: LT37 » Another test game has been started » 11.01.2017 00:34:26

Since maho is playing I will too. smile

#9 Re: LT37 » Winning conditions for LT37, suggestions? » 02.12.2016 23:55:29

I'm a bigger fan of just a 2 team game. Then there isn't any drama for who is back-stabbing who. smile

#10 Re: LT36 » Game Graphs » 05.07.2016 13:43:21

akfaew wrote:

https://s32.postimg.org/tb6z119pv/settlers.png - I can clearly see my age of colonialism, and someones attempt at disbanding their cities smile

If you can't beat them, join them. If you can't join them and are going to get beat... then burn all your cities to the ground before they get them!!

#11 Re: LT36 » Game Graphs » 19.06.2016 20:49:47

Thanks for taking the time to do this, dvgo!

#12 Re: LT36 » LT36 has ended » 05.05.2016 02:24:57

"Demanded" sounds so strong... Requested? smile

Nope, I never bothered to figure it out fully. I was so far behind against such a large, experienced (except you, Zorn) alliance so I knew we didn't have a chance no matter how hard I tried. smile

Thanks for sharing! smile

#13 Re: LT36 » Winning post » 02.05.2016 23:13:41

It's fine by me if this post is valid. I withdraw my objection.

Congrats to the winners and survivors.

#14 Re: LT36 » Winning post » 30.04.2016 13:25:53

akfaew wrote:

To victory or death. I object.

To victory or death. I object. smile

#16 Re: LT36 » Winning post » 27.04.2016 17:10:31

Can someone post the current scores?

#17 Re: LT36 » Winning post » 27.04.2016 15:25:31

Akfaew, what do you say? (As you have rejected in the past)

#18 Re: LT36 » End of NAP, end of game? » 10.04.2016 13:13:11

edrim, I expect something in compensation for attacking a capital during a NAP, the resulted in killing a player on our team. Any proposals?

#20 Re: LT36 » Winning Post #2 » 07.04.2016 03:15:17

edrim wrote:

You cannot do this, if you have 40% of best score you will be added to winning list.

Curses. Never thought of that. Well that's something weider and xercise will be able to take of easily, so shouldn't be a problem soon. lol smile

#21 Re: LT36 » Double move exploit. » 07.04.2016 03:12:49

edrim wrote:

Caravans are evil and nobody wants to play a game with this mess again.

I will vote to set flag nobuild to caras and frigs. It is quite good to let players build wonders without help of caravans.

Agreed and interesting thought. I like the idea! Too much of the game is spending building the darn things to build wonders... then maybe wonders could be cheaper but would be riskier to build.

#22 Re: LT36 » Winning Post » 07.04.2016 03:09:54

wieder wrote:

"Tehdä paalu" means "make a pole"...

Well maybe I'll go make one of those tonight. smile lol

#23 Re: LT36 » How to research multiple techs in the same turn » 06.04.2016 03:05:18

To follow on this thread... you can definitely capture caravans and establish trade routes. As wieder captured one of my ally's caravan and instead of disbanding it established a trade route with me! lol smile But the trade route eventually got replaced. Probably because he got a better one. sad

[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:00:57) The East Germans have researched Railroad.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:01:03) The East Germans have researched Industrialization.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:01:13) The East Germans have researched Refining.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:01:31) The East Germans have researched Combustion.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:01:43) The East Germans have researched Flight.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:01:51) The East Germans have researched The Corporation.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:02:07) The East Germans have researched Electronics.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:02:11) The East Germans have researched Radio.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:03:16) The East Germans have researched Steel.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:04:43) The East Germans have researched Machine Tools.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:09:24) The East Germans have researched Communism.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:09:24) The East Germans have researched Espionage.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:10:35) The East Germans have researched Automobile.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:10:35) The East Germans have researched Mobile Warfare.
[12:23:34] (T90 - 11:18:42) Your Riflemen survived the pathetic attack from the East German Armor.

I would still be interested in *how* to best do this. I know team that is using the best will not share their secrets (and get mad at me for asking) but if anyone else can share, it would be welcomed. smile

I'm planning on capturing my first caravan in the next few turns, so hopefully that turns out well. smile

#24 Re: LT36 » Double move exploit. » 06.04.2016 02:54:09


Thanks for the post!  Great to hear from you! Of course it's always ok to ask on the forum! smile

How was the reply? Pretty easy, and straight forward. Which is how the other post could have gone... but no... sad

And I guess you're still mad at me and the rest of us for still trying to figure it out as a community how to best play LT37? sad

#25 Re: LT36 » Winning Post #2 » 06.04.2016 02:45:30

What? This is nonsensical. I object to my winning post.


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