#1 Re: LT39 » The game server was restarted and www + games were down for few hours » 31.01.2018 15:27:55

Looks good! Thanks, wieder!

Although turn was supposed to end 30 min ago and 45 hours is quite a lot. I'd rather it be sooner, but whatever you think is right.

#2 Re: other » So... » 22.01.2018 20:04:26

I'm not sure on the purpose of Corbeau's post? Corbeau, maybe you could elaborate?

Yes, I've "been playing here for a while" (7 years) and can say a few things.
1) wieder is great
2) anyone else want to admin a game, I'm pretty sure they can.
3) wieder is fun
4) Yes, we do not have a big community, never have had one.
5) I'm not sure what "professional" rulesets would be? People play LT for money? tongue
6) wieder listens to any and everybody and is constantly asking for feedback and incorporates changes. Not much comes at times.
7) LT37, LT38 and LT39 I have played (or playing) and have not have had any exploits and been absolutely great LT games. He also has not actually played in LT38/LT39, but selflessly admin'd them without even playing. I think he fooled around with LT40, which is an experimental'ish game.
8) We used to vote on every change and it got to be a complete mess. We'd have polls contradict one another and then more polls and more time... it was slow, and inefficient and did not result in better games.
9) wieder is cool
10) I'm not president of the wieder fan club, but that's only because one doesn't exist (yet). smile

Just my 2 cents.

#4 Re: LT39 » There will be a Christmas break » 10.12.2017 13:47:02

And I don't need a break, but if others do, that's totally fine.

#6 Re: LT39 » Delegations » 03.12.2017 12:44:24

Lol. You need to get out and meet some more players...

#8 Re: LT39 » LT39 has started » 23.11.2017 12:49:14

Wieder, could you send an email to the players? Akfaew used to do this for the start of the game for those who don't monitor the forum.

#9 Re: ScenarioGame 1 » Suggestions for the next Ruleset. » 20.11.2017 03:09:54

I didn't play SG1 but I don't think the worker's upgrades progressed fast enough in LT38. It was like T100 or something before any of my starting workers became elite 3. But since Kevin has the other viewpoint probably can just leave them right where they are.

I agree warriors could be obsoleted earlier. Otherwise just standard practice to build a bunch of them and have them drink in a bar until Leo's call's their name.

#10 Re: LT38 » LT38 has reached the end, Team Blue wins! » 18.11.2017 15:56:51

Use for whatever you want. I agree the more viewpoints the better. Although history books are usually written by the conquer. smile

#11 Re: LT39 » The max number of winners? » 18.11.2017 15:17:10

Or only 1 tongue

I'm easy and good with loosening it up, as players can choose to do less if they want.

#12 Re: LT38 » LT38 has reached the end, Team Blue wins! » 14.11.2017 16:45:39

FinalScores final scores

Here's how I best remember LT38. Others please chime in to correct me.

LT38 was a solid game with no exploits. It was pretty balanced most of the game.

We did have several idlers from the start: elpollodiablo (played by mostly chill) and Joris. (any mmm2 tried a quick horse attack and after finding help from me and Luke7658 he decided to quit and ptizoom took over his nation very early on.

Immediate war between Sketlux+Zoe vs. Kocurek in which Blue team slowly won.

Hanoverians (played well by ptizoom) had a stalemate for most of the game vs Ferg, Corbeau and Sketlux. We'd took a city, only later to have Sokrat/ptizoom come in and take several back. Only to lose those back to us.

chill was isolated on his own for much of the game vs several Red team and held his ground well. All the way until engineers could terraform and bring in some land help. He held off several nation befores help from the Blue team made slow and steady progress.

Sokrat and Joris were left to grow with no war and Sokrat was the tech leader much of the game.

Lord_P led in population for a lot of the game and had successful raids taking down some Marduk cities and later hacker cities that Sokrat had to come take back.

I was lucky and started on a peninsula with water on 3 sides and no land enemies. I was able to grow and expand and grab unclaimed land from o01eg and hold back many small attacks. This good placement along with +2 food harbors gave me wonderfully big cities and trade. But far away cities were pretty much useless due to corruption/waste.

All the land was grabbed and the Blue Team found the big island first. ptizoom also tried to settle it, but was taken back by Lord_P and Blue Team. This island seemed inconsequential anyways because corruption/waste was so bad out there.

Eventually ferg led a surprise attack on Sokrat/Hanoverians that gave us a strong hold on several Sokrat cities.

wieder jumped in for Joris and build Great Library and Isaac Newton's College in quick fashion turns. This enabled him to rush research and start catching up very fast. Note, Marco's Polo's Embassy was not built this game, so no +30% trade bonus. This slowed down the game a bit, which was nice.

The Red team employed the "Global warming" tactic and left pollution on their land. This led to +8% global warming/turn which gave sometimes every other turn GW. Eventually this backfired as Sokrat used this in his reason for surrendering. smile

Sokrat beat me to flight, but I soon passed him after that getting Stealth Bombers and carriers. Sokrat surrendered but wieder kept on fighting while waiting for the rest of the team to surrender. Wieder started to research nuclear fission, but after wieder lost his 6th capital a civil war finally ensued and his nation's successful liberation. smile Sokrat's nation was also split, but after he left.

It was a solid LT game. Much thanks for wieder for admin and for akfaew behind the scenes on the server. And even more thanks for the Red team being a good, fun opponent.

#13 Re: LT39 » City growth too fast? » 13.11.2017 21:43:26

No, I don't think without the +2 harbor it is too fast.

I think (from another) thread you adjusted the food box slightly.

#14 Re: LT39 » Hopefully the last time LT39 has been postponed » 13.11.2017 21:31:05

I'm in. Looking forward to it. Thanks in advance for admin'ing, wieder!

#15 Re: LT40 » Missiles before getting the cruise missiles? » 13.11.2017 21:29:02

We dicussed in game, and I think we agreed a little more distance is probably all they need. 9 is pretty short. I think +1/2 attack would be nice, too but probably just one change at a time.

#16 Re: LT40 » Bribing air units? » 13.11.2017 21:23:36

LOL on Tom Cruise.
Sounds fine to me.
Although unrealistic, I think it's more fun to allow bribing air units, as it requires the piloting nation to double up their air to prevent bribing. This makes the air blockade tactic twice as expensive to employ.

#17 Re: LT38 » red team surrenders ? » 13.11.2017 21:17:11

Team Blue has successfully eliminated Team Red and the 2 AIs it spawned. Game will automatically end in a few hours.

Thanks for a great game, Team Red!

I hope someone on our team will write up a summary forum post of the game. If not, I will.

#18 Re: LT39 » Less defense? » 13.11.2017 21:12:08

Corbeau wrote:
cgalik wrote:

Yeah I mean I have the best units in the game and a lowly fanatic or partisan is a tough cookie. smile

I could see a stalemate develop if two teams develop at same rate.

Which is a perfectly reasonable and realistic thing to happen. So if that happens, you don't go for a military victory, but for the other one.

See? That's what I was talking about. You guys see this as extended chess or Warcraft. While in a game of Civilization, having a non-military ending should be perfectly valid and happened many times through history.

Totally right, Corbeau. Yeah I forget that this thing could end in space victory because it hasn't happened in so long. smile

#20 Re: LT40 » Quick list of LT40 ruleset changes » 11.11.2017 20:56:59

Oh and I think the Spy is too powerful to give to Monarchy.

#21 Re: LT40 » Quick list of LT40 ruleset changes » 11.11.2017 20:52:47

City trading has also been exploited in games past. Like giving nation city that can't be invited, just to trade it back right before TC. So I like that it has been disabled in recent games. Even though it leaves some random cities in non-optimal nation's hands.
Or if city trading is enabled, would be nice to have a penalty. Like X% chance to lose buildings like when conquering. And or a popluation point. Not sure if that can be done though.

#22 Re: LT40 » Quick list of LT40 ruleset changes » 11.11.2017 20:47:41

Great list. Thanks for the work on it!

I too think the Revolution time should not be set to 1. I think 2 or even 3 is better. It opens you up to attack on your captial when in anarchy but set to 1, you just do it right before TC and it is almost at zero.

#23 Re: LT39 » Less defense? » 11.11.2017 20:41:34

Yeah I mean I have the best units in the game and a lowly fanatic or partisan is a tough cookie. smile

I could see a stalemate develop if two teams develop at same rate.

Maybe attack could be more on Fusion Fighters and Bombers and Battleship?

Fusion Howitzer?

Else I could have made nukes of course, but that was too easy. smile

#24 Re: LT40 » Missiles before getting the cruise missiles? » 29.10.2017 20:22:37

Yeah cruise missiles should be more powerful. Not worth it at current power for the cost. Or make them cheaper.

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