#1 Re: LT45 » Idlers » 01.10.2018 18:32:34

Corbeau wrote:

Wieder says "no objections" is needed, so here it is:

I asked my nephiew if he would be interested in trying out the game and he would be joining us on the Team Gadaf... I mean, Team Green, startin with T1.

Replacing whom?

#2 Re: LT45 » Idlers » 30.09.2018 13:17:41

zoe wrote:

I have a suggestion to replace Nirti. Could Buggy take his place?

I insist that all teams must agree on that before the switch could take place considering Buggy and Nirti are not the fairest switch. We live together so Buggy could not join another team (so that you guys don't suspect any info leaked). We played together in LT38 which I really appreciated smile

Nirti played for somewhere around 90/100 turns in LT44, so I expect him to be back.

But yes Buggy replacement is fine by me. Not along the "it's perfectly fair" line but with the "it's fun to play team game with someone in your house" game. I did the same thing with my son before and was great fun. And this is all about fun. smile

#4 Re: LT45 » No more test games, the actual LT45 is going to start » 27.09.2018 04:19:45

Livius wrote:

Hi, I'm new at longturn.  Do I just load FreeCiv 2.5 and connect? Or should I do something special?

Is there like an etiquette guide?



Download latest 2.5 client.
Network game: lt45.longturn.org
Port: 5045

Sign up for Discord and send me a message and our team we will catch you up on there. smile

Glad to have you!

#5 Re: LT45 » Here are the teams (not that east to read, yet) » 26.09.2018 15:50:34

kevin551 wrote:

I just got an email from emilio saying he is fine with the swap shoter to team 1, emilio to team 0.

I much prefer that the players who are going to be swapped get the chance to say yes or no themselves.

Yes we have already added Emilio to our Discord channel. smile So there is some discussions sometimes happens behind the forum scenes on Discord. I highly recommend all LT players get on Discord.

#6 Re: LT45 » Here are the teams (not that east to read, yet) » 26.09.2018 13:05:37

wieder wrote:

Everyone wants this to happen?

"Ok, rocknrolf for Joy then"

Please confirm. We are very close to starting the actual LT45.

Advantage to team getting Joy. smile Good by me. Let's have some fun. smile

#7 Re: LT45 » Test Game 1 has started - Preparing for Test Game 2 » 23.09.2018 00:04:06

Hans_Lemurson wrote:

How do test games work?  I'm new to this.

Everything is the same just 2 minute turns and no unit wait time.

Don't kill other players so they can login to test.

Don't launch your spaceship either, lol.

#8 Re: LT45 » Here are the teams (not that east to read, yet) » 22.09.2018 18:43:24

zoe wrote:

After some discussion with Wahazar, we have another proposition: switching Emilio and Shoter. Since they are both new to multiplayer games, they are at the same initial level. It does not solve the Kunki-Orisson issue, but IIRC fran suggested that they should be together rather than them asking, no?

Also, Shoter will probably not be an idler, which should make Kevin more at ease.

Kevin, cgalik, what do you think about this?

Never talked to Emilio. Shoter is on Discord. Wahazar is very good player. If Shoter is half as good as him, then advantage to you. Fine by me. I am willing to give up a little advantage for other's fun. smile

Good by me.

Yeah it was just Fran asking, not either of them.

#9 LT45 » Do not obsolete Trireme? » 22.09.2018 13:05:56

Replies: 10

I was wondering if you guys were interested in not obsoleting the trireme since there's no replacement boat that can travel on rivers.
Right now it is obsolete by Transports.
https://github.com/longturn/games/blob/ … eset#L1648

#10 Re: LT45 » Test Game 1 has started - Preparing for Test Game 2 » 22.09.2018 12:40:36

kevin551 wrote:

The first test game has been running for a while. But not many players know about it.
I would like the second test game to be advertised here on the forum 24 hours before it starts.
It would be best if that test game used the actual teams.

I think the team captains should contact their team and encourage participation.
It will help to find out the number of idlers in this game before the real game starts.

Kevin, maybe next time you shouldn't build and launch a spaceship that ends the test game. LOL

Since you ended the game Alfred, Wahazar, BeckettTheGreat, kamBLR, pieronjeden, petromax, Temmikael, xandr, Dim, Lord_P, sigur and myself have all connected but can't test anything.

#11 Re: LT45 » Here are the teams (not that east to read, yet) » 22.09.2018 12:34:25

kevin551 wrote:

And yet cgalik - who I assume does know because he is one of the captains - is trying to poach Wahazar from our team.

I submitted a list of ranked players, but don't know if I'm a "captain" lol.
Kevin, I am not trying to poach Wahazar. I'm trying to get Wahazar to play with shoter. We can move them to a third team for all I care. A couple of games ago I was allowed to have my son play with me on my team, and it was very enjoyable. So I know how much fun it is.

kevin551 wrote:

Given this situation I now reject all swaps from our team, until some clarity emerges.

Let me know when you're interested in getting friends to play together.

#12 Re: LT45 » Here are the teams (not that east to read, yet) » 22.09.2018 00:17:26

Anyone can object, even on a different team.

But who is the captain? I thought it was you, Zoe? Or maybe Wahazar is captian. But either way, do you object or not? Fine if you do, but a counter offer would be great. smile Game is going to start soon.

#13 Re: LT45 » Here are the teams (not that east to read, yet) » 21.09.2018 21:55:34

kevin551 wrote:
Corbeau wrote:

... I'm not the team captain,... I'd like to hear from our captain ....

Me too.

FYI the captains are not revealed. smile And Wieder won't get involved besides running the script. So it's up to us.

Anyways, it's really important to me that people who want to play together can (if it's within reason of balance). I'm willing to work with you guys to either give shoter or take Wahazar.
I guess Zoe rejected my offer... But needs to replace it with another.

#14 Re: LT45 » Here are the teams (not that east to read, yet) » 21.09.2018 14:28:33

fran wrote:

If so exchange shoter with orisson.
Kunki and orisson are friends.

I'll politely decline this.

kevin551 wrote:

I'm fine with any swaps as long as both the players who are being swapped agree.
I also think Corbeau is perfectly within his right to reject any swap if it imbalances his team.

If Kunki and orisson are friends.
And also Wahazar and  Shoter.
Then it makes sense to have friends play together.
But I want confirmation from the players being swapped.
I don't want to swap an active player for an idler.

Currently I don't know the status of any players being mentioned for swapping other than zoe.
zoe has written here, hence zoe is active, hence I would like to keep zoe.

Wahazaar to team 0 and kunki to team 1?

#15 Re: LT45 » Here are the teams (not that east to read, yet) » 21.09.2018 04:29:32

Kevin551 & everyone,
Wahazar made this request on Discord:

Wahazar wrote:

May I ask to be in one team with shoter? I invited him to this game thus I would continue tutor him

I'm fine with that.

How about we move Shoter to team 1 and Zoe to team 0?

Or move Wahazar to team 0 and move someone to team 1?

#17 Re: LT45 » Tech stealing, let's hear opinions » 17.09.2018 14:29:58

Corbeau wrote:
cgalik wrote:

That is not the way it should be. 0% is best.


I said it already... I think for multi-team games (greater than 2) with tech trading between teams disabled, tech stealing should also be disabled, else 2 teams working together can "trade" techs.

#18 Re: LT45 » Tech stealing, let's hear opinions » 17.09.2018 13:06:25

Then two teams working together can trade techs, but someone else trying to steal their techs will be tough to do because of war? That is not the way it should be. 0% is best. Or higher percentage chance with tech trading between teams enabled.

I think wieder has proposed 6% or 3%. Both are better than 12%, with the latter being 3% better than the former. smile

#19 Re: LT45 » Tech stealing, let's hear opinions » 16.09.2018 20:17:46

I think should turn off stealing completely for multi-team game. In the past it has been used to "trade" techs between teams. If tech trading between teams was enabled, then tech stealing would be ok to have stealing enabled. Just my opinion.

#20 Re: LT45 » Swordsmen obsoleted by Musketeers? » 12.09.2018 14:03:17

I think warriors need to be obsoleted earlier than musks for sure. I think even phalanx would be fine. But at least pikemen.

Agreed on obsoleting swords with musks, unless swords can attack from the sea and musks can't.

Also agree that, elephant and chariots obsoleted earlier by knights.

#21 Re: LT44 » Archers vanish with Gunpowder. » 02.09.2018 03:03:47

Too big of an upside is my view, big game change. (fun for sure, but probably too much info)

#22 Re: LT45 » Final confirmations need to be made in about 12 hours » 30.08.2018 17:27:35

wieder may have shut down confirmations as we were trying to start a few days ago. Maybe you can sneak in.

#23 Re: LT45 » ruins » 24.08.2018 15:45:35

Lol that sounds fun to me. They are pretty rare. How does that compare to fort defense?

#24 Re: LT45 » Team Selection » 23.08.2018 01:52:29

We are about as organized as a kindergarten football game. tongue

#25 Re: LT45 » Team Selection » 22.08.2018 18:20:10

Understood and of course good by me.

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