#1 Re: LT45 » Team Selection » 11.08.2018 01:44:56

Captain Underpants selects team Brown. smile

Haha JK team whitey tighties are good too. smile

#2 Re: LT45 » Team Selection » 10.08.2018 23:09:18

Corbeau wrote:

If they cannot be contacted, then you don’t want them on the team.

Then they can be on my team.

#3 Re: LT45 » Team Selection » 09.08.2018 13:25:35

I am willing, but think we should just go teamless.

#4 Re: LT46 » Adding population to city and disbanding cities » 27.07.2018 19:17:01

wieder wrote:

- adding population to a city would be possible up until size 16.

That is a major change and can get cities to grow to size 8->16 in a single turn, vs at least 16 turns (with enough food and granary) in previous rules. Do you need aqueduct to add the migrant to the population if size 8? Or would it make aqueducts less important this way.

Settlers already do 2 population points, and can starve the city's food-box so couldn't you currently already lose 3 population/turn if you wanted to?

#5 Re: LT44 » It looks like LT44 will be replaced by LT45 » 27.07.2018 10:42:48

Absolutely, Fran. Normal game you will not have any vision, and gold from anyone especially if you are a noob, no one wants to ally with you as rather ally with someone known who is good.

2 team game have help from team in chat, gold, (and now techs). Noob gets to also watch experienced players play. Also if noob idles, someone steps in for them, saving nation from normal quick destruction.

#6 Re: LT44 » It looks like LT44 will be replaced by LT45 » 26.07.2018 14:20:41

We have not allowed reshuffling positions in the past, only choice of idler assignment. It is just the luck of the draw.

Come on, no blobs. Yes some players might die, but that's ok. Farming the whole game for some nations by design is boring, if you ask me. Random placement has a lot more strategy. In LT44 we had 37 nations and only 3 war fronts.

#7 Re: LT45 » LT45 will start soon » 26.07.2018 03:49:16

If not a two team game, then will need some rule tweaks like: tech trading off, maybe lowering cost of tech style 3, no tech stealing, partisan generation off.

I think do another 2 team game with same settings, just scattered placement. Other options all take more time.

#8 Re: LT44 » It looks like LT44 will be replaced by LT45 » 26.07.2018 03:26:47

Always different map, Hans.

New 2 team game sounds good to me. Then can keep tech trading the same. Otherwise with non-two team game we need to rethink tech cost style 3 (exponential bulb growth). And that will take time.

Only change needed for 2 team game needed is nations should be scattered  placement, not two team blobs. This will have a lot more action than just a few fronts.

#9 Re: LT44 » Salvaging LT44 » 25.07.2018 20:44:13

With all the "unfair teams" talk from LT44, I suggest non-team game so it can get started ASAP. Players can make their own teams dynamically in game like normal.

I also suggest no tech trading.

#10 Re: LT44 » Vacations and Delegations » 17.07.2018 18:47:30

From in game:

kamBLR wrote:

Hi, can I ask you to play my nation from Wednesday 18 till Wednesday 25? I am sorry - going for 1 week to another country

(Since generally anyone shouldn't play 3 nations) Wieder, please change Zimo's regent to Hans_Lemurson. Thanks in advance!

#11 Re: LT44 » Vacations and Delegations » 16.07.2018 17:07:42

FYI kamBLR is back.

Also from Discord:

Zimo wrote:

Zimo - Yesterday at 2:12 PM
Good evening to all.
I came back but at the moment an unexpected situation at work does not allow me to continue the long turn seriously. I apologize to everyone.

What do you think it's better than I do? I leave my nation to someone of you, or do I notice and determine the game's admin?

I hope Zimo will be able to return later, but that's all the info I have.

Wieder, can you please set Zimo's delegation to me?

#12 Re: LT44 » Vacations and Delegations » 13.07.2018 21:06:03

FYI kamBLR is away for the weekend, so asked me to run his nation while he is away.

#13 Re: LT41 » Winning Post » 03.07.2018 01:46:13

Oh I thought it was over... Maybe I should log back in to finish everyone off so game ends automatically? smile

#14 Re: LT44 » Tech sharing and leakage » 28.06.2018 19:23:19

@Fran, Thanks for the post. A lot in it.

I see what you mean on no tech leakage. Personally, I am for both tech sharing and tech leakage, even in 2 team game. It gives some more strategy as to who to give the tech to, as it reduces cost for other team. Otherwise just losing bulbs is (in my opinion not my team's opinion) not enough of a downside of tech sharing. Several people on my team agree with you I will note. smile So it could go either way I think.

Regarding delegations, I purposefully first chatted with Zoltan privately and did not go to a forum post as I did not want to right to a "forum war." smile And we are working through it just fine. Getting a new server binary with separate option for 100% tech trade will make things much better.

Taking control of more than 1 nation, or a nation that isn't idle is against the current rules. I will note that there were players control several other nations who were not idle in T7, who had logged in already even in T7. I will not go into details publicly but check the logs and I can point them out to you on Discord if you are having trouble seeing them. smile

But as Corbeau said above, and I say the same, while it's against the current rules we are ok with it for this purpose. To be clear, I clarified and Zoltan agreed that pieces should not be moved in this scenario. Just accepting the dialog from other side. New server code will be great not to have to trade multiple times and this will not be a problem and we can go back to the rules.

Corbeau, I caution against allowing any delegation. If you allow one player to play anyone then it becomes not a team game but a best most dedicated player vs other best most dedicated player. Delegations should remain per the rules for your nation and one other, unless approved by admin. Two teams games should be which team can play the best game, so involving as many people on your team as possible, not as little as possible. Two team games are great where people can share and learn new strategies, not have someone implement their strategy on their nation. smile

#15 Re: LT44 » LT44 has started » 27.06.2018 12:11:24

fran wrote:

Also, "do what you want" has limits according to the rules of this game.

Yes, Fran. It was said tongue-in-cheek. Yes, he can't betray his team.

But if someone starts logging into my nation while I am playing it, I'd consider it... tongue

#16 Re: LT44 » LT44 has started » 27.06.2018 01:13:19

If it's your nation so you can do what you want. smile
Red Team

#17 Re: other » Bombardment » 21.06.2018 22:31:54

Yes, it's just like a normal attack but the server decides what to do.
For example in latest LT games, a bomber moves to a city and bombards. Same bomber moves to a boat and will attack.

#18 Re: LT44 » LT44 starting soon, check this forum for more info » 17.06.2018 12:36:26

Yeah I am good with wieder adjusting the teams so we can start. smile

#19 Re: LT44 » The teams for LT44 » 16.06.2018 03:50:15

I'm also good with it and don't worry about balance, looks close enough to me. I'm anxious to start. smile

#20 Re: LT44 » The teams for LT44 » 14.06.2018 21:25:58

Too bad. He's really good as he took arkan's nation to most advanced and best econonmics in LT41. Hope he comes back.

#21 Re: LT44 » A way to avoid civil war with 99% chance (funda) » 14.06.2018 16:56:48

I do not think civil war % need to change at all, but if changing, sounds reasonable to me. But I liked anarchy at 99%. smile

Corbeau, yes *if* your capital is taken then yes "one roll of the dice" to see if more bad things happen. FreeCiv is all about "roll dice". Otherwise every battle would be predetermined and boring. Civil war was designed in as part of the game, and I think it should stay.

Also every game I've every played, if your capital was taken, you're not going to win, civil war or not. It's just a matter of how long you keep playing and put up a fight.

I think there is more strategy having civil war in, then just disabling it. And yes more luck too, admittedly. But it's another thing to consider.

#22 Re: LT44 » Selecting the team for LT44 » 14.06.2018 00:03:58

Hehe everything so complicated. smile

Last LT two team game we even switched a player after picking teams, so it doesn't have to be final.

#23 Re: LT44 » Selecting the team for LT44 » 13.06.2018 11:08:50

Dim wrote:

I would like to be on the same team as Soon.

I think we can accommodate that, at least I will try my best. smile

This is a game and by design unfair starting locations, etc. So to me I don't get too wrapped up in perfectly fair teams. So should be fine.

Wieder, when we are ready to choose teams, could you send out an email to the registered players asking if they have someone they want to play with on the same team,? Or against I guess smile hehe

#24 Re: LT44 » Pollution and Global Warming » 11.06.2018 18:26:43

I agree the one player who purposely didn't clean up only had like I'd estimate 10-15% of the land. I too don't think that person should be able to *quickly* destroy the whole world. I'm just thinking it should be slowed down a bit. That one player was the leader in trade and research so I'm guessing it was used as a way to hurt others who are behind them to slow down their progress. It almost worked and I wasn't able to attack them. smile

My ideal solution would be to keep power plants polluting, but when GW of 50% happens, it should only do something lik half the land tiles, instead it probably did half of all the tiles, but maybe because LT41 was an island game it was even worse?

#25 Re: LT44 » Pollution and Global Warming » 11.06.2018 15:32:26

Corbeau, weren't you complaining that every LT game seems to end in GW? You want to just keep it that way?

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