#1 Re: other » Bombardment » 21.06.2018 22:31:54

Yes, it's just like a normal attack but the server decides what to do.
For example in latest LT games, a bomber moves to a city and bombards. Same bomber moves to a boat and will attack.

#2 Re: LT44 » LT44 starting soon, check this forum for more info » 17.06.2018 12:36:26

Yeah I am good with wieder adjusting the teams so we can start. smile

#3 Re: LT44 » The teams for LT44 (draft) » 16.06.2018 03:50:15

I'm also good with it and don't worry about balance, looks close enough to me. I'm anxious to start. smile

#4 Re: LT44 » The teams for LT44 (draft) » 14.06.2018 21:25:58

Too bad. He's really good as he took arkan's nation to most advanced and best econonmics in LT41. Hope he comes back.

#5 Re: LT44 » A way to avoid civil war with 99% chance (funda) » 14.06.2018 16:56:48

I do not think civil war % need to change at all, but if changing, sounds reasonable to me. But I liked anarchy at 99%. smile

Corbeau, yes *if* your capital is taken then yes "one roll of the dice" to see if more bad things happen. FreeCiv is all about "roll dice". Otherwise every battle would be predetermined and boring. Civil war was designed in as part of the game, and I think it should stay.

Also every game I've every played, if your capital was taken, you're not going to win, civil war or not. It's just a matter of how long you keep playing and put up a fight.

I think there is more strategy having civil war in, then just disabling it. And yes more luck too, admittedly. But it's another thing to consider.

#6 Re: LT44 » Selecting the team for LT44 » 14.06.2018 00:03:58

Hehe everything so complicated. smile

Last LT two team game we even switched a player after picking teams, so it doesn't have to be final.

#7 Re: LT44 » Selecting the team for LT44 » 13.06.2018 11:08:50

Dim wrote:

I would like to be on the same team as Soon.

I think we can accommodate that, at least I will try my best. smile

This is a game and by design unfair starting locations, etc. So to me I don't get too wrapped up in perfectly fair teams. So should be fine.

Wieder, when we are ready to choose teams, could you send out an email to the registered players asking if they have someone they want to play with on the same team,? Or against I guess smile hehe

#8 Re: LT44 » Pollution and Global Warming » 11.06.2018 18:26:43

I agree the one player who purposely didn't clean up only had like I'd estimate 10-15% of the land. I too don't think that person should be able to *quickly* destroy the whole world. I'm just thinking it should be slowed down a bit. That one player was the leader in trade and research so I'm guessing it was used as a way to hurt others who are behind them to slow down their progress. It almost worked and I wasn't able to attack them. smile

My ideal solution would be to keep power plants polluting, but when GW of 50% happens, it should only do something lik half the land tiles, instead it probably did half of all the tiles, but maybe because LT41 was an island game it was even worse?

#9 Re: LT44 » Pollution and Global Warming » 11.06.2018 15:32:26

Corbeau, weren't you complaining that every LT game seems to end in GW? You want to just keep it that way?

#10 LT44 » Pollution and Global Warming » 11.06.2018 14:02:42

Replies: 12

Is there any settings to turn down Global Warming? It seems too drastic when it happens. When it gets to around 50% it affects every single possible tile in the game.

I don't know if there are any settings for it, but I'd say turn it down by 50%.

Anyone know if there are knobs for this?

#11 Re: LT44 » The tech costs and tech trading » 11.06.2018 13:59:02

I would advise against doing free gold transfer. In old LT games this was abused. Front line nations that had risk of losing cities, would immediately transfer gold to safe nation, who would hold the gold for them and then give it back right before TC for them to use.

Also nations vulnerable to having cities incited to revolt, would hold everyone's gold to drive up the price of their cities and then transfer it right before TC.

I think we should keep a minimum gold transfer to learn from our history and not repeat the same mistakes of the past.

I think even a small 10% fee will keep this abuse from happening. If really needed, it will still be sent.

Plus a 10% "administrative overhead" or "exchange rate" or "corrupt bankers" could be real world examples of this. smile

#12 Re: LT44 » Selecting the team for LT44 » 10.06.2018 01:46:52

Check the forum post, Kryon updated them in a post, but maybe the web server didn't get updated.

Or we do Europe vs America? smile No idea what the splits are nor do I know the freecivweb players.

I say wieder just picks them and if anyone wants to play with a friend, let him or the forum know. This is for fun so we should be able to accommodate.

#13 Re: LT44 » The tech costs and tech trading » 10.06.2018 01:19:09

I think it is more interesting and strategic to know when to focus on military and when to research. It is more boring to just do one or the other the entire game. Could have whole game where front line nation just builds units and gets handened every tech.

Corbeau, in your mind, would you do free gold transfer as well?

I think we are trying to fix something that isn't broken, but fine I am willing to give it a try.

#14 Re: LT44 » The tech costs and tech trading » 09.06.2018 00:21:22

So it is just pooled research with dialogs. We've moved away from that. And then players on the front line just max tax and receive techs from others? You would have free gold transfer too? Could just have lesser nations give to 1 mega nation.

But yeah I am always against tech trade, I think LT is better without it.

At least with two team game you can enable tech stealing and partisans.

#15 Re: LT44 » The tech costs and tech trading » 08.06.2018 23:04:09

So you want the game to be where one person researches a tech, and then gives it to all his teammates? I'm sorry but I don't understand why you prefer game like that. Seems silly to have to give every tech given to every teammate every time a tech was researched. It just results in a game of diplomacy dialogs and waiting for someone to come online to give you a tech.

In last team game had embassies with everyone on your team to start, so at least in your game you don't have to create diplos and send them to everyone. Or is that what you were thinking?

Tech loss is good enough to help lesser nations, in my opinion.

#16 Re: LT44 » The tech costs and tech trading » 08.06.2018 20:44:30

They you can either help your teammate out, or have them spam phalanxes, fanantics or diplos. Tech loss allows for them to catch up a little bit. I think it works fine. If they start idling shame on them and someone on the team picks up their nation.

Another option is to go back to pooled team research, but that has less strategy and teamwork, but sounds like what you would like, Corbeau? (Of course someone will accidentally change the research and research something else midturn, which stinks.)

#17 Re: LT41 » Winning Post » 08.06.2018 04:06:49

It was a good game. Honorable mention to ferg and Lord_P who fought Haken/Kryon/Zoltan tough. Haken/Kryon/Zoltan had the top 3 scores for a long while and played very, very well.

I got a bit lucky with a capital split of Haken that helped a lot. smile

Thanks to wieder for admin'ing the game. And much thanks to akfaew for admin'ing the server which had only one short scheduled upgrade outage, otherwise was perfect.

#18 Re: LT44 » More defense to the capital city? » 07.06.2018 21:22:25

Not especially. I don't like adding more defense. smile

#19 Re: LT44 » The tech costs and tech trading » 07.06.2018 21:21:17

Just to clarify this is not shared tech pool, each nation researches his own tech tree, right?

I highly prefer no tech trading. I like higher tech costs than LT41, as by the end you get to research a tech every turn. So I like option 1) with high later tech cost.

Yes, last two team game we did end up with some idlers, but easy to have other players on the team pick up for the idler, so no big deal.

#22 Re: LT41 » delegation » 25.04.2018 12:00:20

Yeah sorry to hear you leaving. Part of why I am playing LT41 is because of you. smile

#23 Re: New Games » Making the trade bonus slightly less powerful for the LT40 like games? » 31.03.2018 00:02:14

I think the concept wieder is working towards is lessoning the democracy trade strategy. With market, bank, stock and highways, big cities have no problem with unhappiness.

I see the thought and don't disagree. But if moving down to 40%, I think market should be cheaper, like 30 shield. It's already too expensive.

#24 LT39 » LT39 Has Ended » 14.03.2018 12:02:05

Replies: 3


LT39 has ended! The victors are (in order of score) arkan, cgalik, Sketlux, Lord_P. All other nations are RIP.
Edit: Butters was allied with Lord_P a while ago, but went idle for so we killed him. He was RIP as well on T109.

It was a good game, and I'll write up a full summary soon.

Much thanks to our enemies for playing hard all the way to the end! Last living alliance was: sigur, chill, Mooreinstore, ptizoom, Kocurek, and Orisson. They were finally RIP on T108.

Appreciation to wieder and akfaew for running the game selflessly.


#25 Re: New Games » Longturn vs. Longturn-web » 07.03.2018 16:52:06

I think this would be very fun! No matter who wins/loses. smile

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