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"Limited capabilities"

Depicting the Iberian peninsula I added Gibralta (Britain) and France north to the border plus countries that fought/helped in the Spanish Civil War and therefore are represented with units but without cities. Maybe to role-playish for the first game?

Im open for amputation of other scenarios. Caribbean Colonization is too unscenario-like in my opinion.

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6-10 players is more something for the Spanish Civil War. But it could work mainly as a proof of concept and for people looking for a role play game since some forces only have limited capabilities on this map.

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Actually I had given up playing a scenario but since the actual possibility seems to be there... :-)

Here again the the collection I have to offer:


Ive been updating most of the scenarios without updating the page. Varying the topography, players and many more things so the scenarios would be familiar but not totally predictable and there would be no necessity to reveal the map.

#4 Re: LT38 » Reply here to join Team Red » 02.06.2017 14:22:31

I knew I was doing a mistake! I will renounce. But I just liked the lion. Lets see what I can find instead...

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This thread is over a year old. I guess we should just take the Spanish Civil War scenario. 2 players is the minimum. 4-6 is optimal and more can be accomodated. Once the game is being played I could imagine that more people get interested in future scenarios. 

The scenario can be downloaded here: http://forum.freeciv.org/f/download/file.php?id=528

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"Your nation is not RIP yet"

Funny, a couple of workers dont count as a nation! ;-) 

I spread the word in LT37 and the feeciv forum.

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I had expected more enthusiasm... Are there not at least 3 more people willing to play s small scale scenario?

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Im ready if you wanna proceed... :-)

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You have a free hand with the ruleset! What you think is best! I'm anyways getting to know through a hard try and error process the current LT37 so I will hopeflly have learned something. The 2x move needs to come since its a rather small scenario.

I like the exploring element and since we don't know the exact player number amputation will anyhow come and change the map. I'm sure I can find a few hours to change the topography strong enough so that the incentive to explore the map is there. You will only have a medieval sense of where you are...

I think other scenarios are better suited to play with modern units and big cities. I want to have more primitive battles or medieval ones at least in the beginning.
Sure 1870 suggests otherwise but it was more for practical nation reasons.

A team game is a good thing (thinking of random 3 player teams) although a backstabbing-no-official diplomacy game where only one can be king is something worth considering.
Playing with a king unit is anyway worth considering...
But since I'm so indifferent in these points I even prefer a poll.

For fairness purpouses I would suggest anyways a random nation allocation since it's a fairer game than other scenarios I made.

Its one of my less role gamish scenarios ever. They tend to be fragile. GT Colonial Africa was hugely fun but was hard to manage since you had to intervene some times because people didn't know the rules or ignored them arbitrarily. (like giving tech to natives, forming forbidden alliances). So this one should be easy to handle.

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Or lets keep it easy and just take the German States 1871 scenario as test game. I could alter the the appearance of the map superficially before the game starts to add the exploring and surprise element. I could also adapt the number of players by this.

This should be the newest version: http://forum.freeciv.org/f/download/file.php?id=501

In the unlikely event that we need more nations I have a newer version with more players.

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Sure, new ruleset it is. What size, tech level and how many players? Inbalanced, balanced,  team, role game? 2x moves would in most cases be better. Experienced showed scenario to be faster.

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After the final start of LT 37 has a scenario a chance of being played again? We could start small as proof of concept with only few players.

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The 28th of July 102 years ago started  WWI. Maybe an incentive to start a scenario with the same name any time soon? :-)

#16 Re: LT37 » Confirming participation? » 28.05.2016 16:53:42

That was his point. A confirmation just before the game that kicks people out who registered but who lost interest. It filters idlers out before the game starts...

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We would need to prepare a ruleset for this scenario because I believe that using a vanilla one would not do the trick. Maybe using a modified version of the LT37 ruleset would work for this map. The moves should be changed to 2x instead of 3x because of the map size

Would be an option. I liked the civ2/3 ruleset or the one Corbeau proposed once and that we used for GT9. Citymindest 1 or 2 is probably necessary. Reducing the movement to 2 is good!   

Also, since it's a scenario game, maybe the players would need to have 19th century techs to start with.

This one is tricky since it is a hybrid scenario melting normal game properties with scenario ones. It makes it somehow to similar to LT 37. Giving 19th century tech for realism reasons would also justify editing the cities but that woud cause huge inbalance. Giving tech would cut out the regionalism element I like at the beginning.  If we want a real scenario we should do the whole trick and take WW1 (wich I completely changed and didnt publish yet) or the Colonial Africa scenario. Both have advantages:
-WWI is fully edited, therefore a beauty in itself
-Africa has a smaller amount of nations and smaller inbalance than WWI and the alliance system scheme I developed proofed very good in practice in G10.

A general remark if we dont have enough players amputating the map is to a certain extend always possible.

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3 cities already built? Sounds like a painfully boring first two weeks.

You also start with a horseman and 3 phalanx :-) The map is pretty tight so it's more like a cage fight. If it is impossible to accept I can live with 3 settlers instead.
The WWI sceanrio has plenty of units, first rounds were the bloodiest when we played it at GT and following weeks felt like a bloody world war...  If you seek more action thats an alternative although it requieres more role playing since players have hugely different nations and have to accept some house rules.

Yes, a scenario game cannot be ranking as it's not fair, according to how we perceive fairness.

Of course not and Im saying that being aware of that it is the most balanced scenario I made so far.

Did you play longturn before Sketlux? Are you aware of our modifications?

Unfortunately not, I played Greatturn back in the days :-)

I don't know how to use modpacks, you'd need to explain how a scenario is different from a regular game, but other than that I see no obstacles.

Its not a modpack its only a map classified as scenario.

Also, where was/is the ruleset/stuff for this "German States 1871" scenario?

I didn't make one, I just edited a map with the map editor.

Im also open to alliance limit of 3 players or a a team game of 3 players per team or a complete bellum omnium contra omnes with no official diplomacy and only one winner -is it Prussia again? :-)

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I know I sound like a broken record but what about a scenario game for people who cant get enough and want some action right away while LT37 is still in the buildup phase and who can't wait for automn for the "German States 1871" game? I got a whole bunch of scenarios downloadable here: http://forum.freeciv.org/f/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=809 and I even updated on a large scale the WWI scenario (not downloadable yet) We are having after all the 100 years jubilee... The game probably requieres too many players... So unless someone else has another preference I would suggest the "Colonial Africa 1895" game!?
Is it possible to play it very soon wieder? (If we get enough people to sign up of course).
Glad to hear some opinions!

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Since LT 36 seems to be over or at least in the loop. Can we prepone the German States game? Everyone one for himself, no caravans.

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It's a continental map with 3 cities per player already in place. Therefore I would expect a relatively quick game.

Alternatively I can offer a new unconventional scenario about the Spanish Civil I created on Friday. 2 main factions Republicans and Nationalists (both with fully edited cities) fight with support of Italy/Germany/Portugal and the Soviet Union/International Brigades/Mexico(Diplos) over Spain.  The support nations only have units in forts and airports but lots of firepower.
It could offer a quick and interesting reenactment of that conflict with straight action from the beginning paired with little need to invest much time. We would also need only 6 players.
You can download it here and see a preview pick of the map:


I would make some changes to the map: making Portugal/France/Gibraltar unreachable land and give Mexico not only diplos but also troops maybe shuffle all other units.

However you decide! I'm happy about any game we play! So let me know!

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This game could be run as a non ranking game. That only means there will be no ranking points people may get from regular games like LT36 or LT37.

Of course, though this game is very balanced, it cant be compared to a regular game. If it works well, we could later move to more complex scenarios so I see it more as a proof of concept.

How was it, this is a 2.5 game, right? Longturn is currently set up for 2.5 games only because there were some possible conflicting settings with 2.3 and 2.5. This is my idea of how it if and akfaew may correct me about this.

I created it with Freeciv 2.5.3 so I guess it should work fine.

This game could start a month or two after the next LT game has started. That way people who are not playing LT37 or LT38 (if setting up this takes time) would be able to try something else.

For me it could start as soon as possible but that doesn't depend on me. The map is relatively small with lots of players so I don't think it will consume much play time (not much settling space, killing of many players in an early game stage or simply managing just a small territory) so in my opinion it could run parallel to other games.

Every player should be assigned a state randomly to prevent an argument on who gets the better nation.

We should still answer if we play a team game (2 or 3 players per team; randomly dispersed teams over the map or as a continues block) or sole survivor? I'm open to everything here.

The most difficult task will be getting 24 players to play. It would therefore be nice if scenario sceptical players would join in and if they loose the fun in it just switch to a passive defending mode. Im pretty realistic here.

#23 New Games » German States 1871 » 25.02.2016 19:06:37

Replies: 30


I already mentioned that I would like to play my scenario for LT 37 in another post.


I created a "German States 1871" scenario recently that can easily be downloaded with the modpack installer. There are 24 nations and each nation has 3 cities, with 3 phalanx, 2 workers and 1 horseman. The 3 cities are connected by road and there are two long distance roads via regia and via emperii. Techlevel is 0. The big rivers like Rhein and Elbe are composed of lake tiles and can therefore be navegated. There are 24 nations and we could play with teams of 2 or 3 players or a classic bellum omnium contra omnes without diplomacy.
Ferdi (XYZ)"

Bamskamp said that it is more suited fot "Other" games since it is unbalanced in his opinion. Though I agree that it is not as balanced as a complete new game, I still think it is pretty much balanced compared to other scenario games I created and therefore suited to play a fair game for fun. 
We could use the GT 09 ruleset as proposed by Corbeau in another post. As he mentiones that it is pretty standard and straightforward.

You think we can get enough players?

#24 Re: LT37 » If LT37 is going to be a team game, maybe we could try something diffe » 24.02.2016 14:25:22


I created a "German States 1871" scenario recently that can easily be downloaded with the modpack installer. There are 24 nations and each nation has 3 cities, with 3 phalanx, 2 workers and 1 horseman. The 3 cities are connected by road and there are two long distance roads via regia and via emperii. Techlevel is 0. The big rivers like Rhein and Elbe are composed of lake tiles and can therefore be navegated. There are 24 nations and we could play with teams of 2 or 3 players or a classic bellum omnium contra omnes without diplomacy. 

Ferdi (XYZ)

#25 Re: New Games » Colonial Africa scenario (1900) » 06.10.2015 17:16:45

I uploaded the scenario here: http://civland.org/forum/viewtopic.php? … 5728#p5728

I know the surprise is gone but I won't have much time later. Its a fun map to play alone, though the ai could be playing much more interesting...

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