#1 Re: other » Do I still have an account ? » 20.05.2017 19:23:30

Looks like your account is no longer there for some reason. You need to register again.

#2 Re: LT38 » The first version of the LT38 ruleset is on git » 20.05.2017 18:18:25


The LT38 ruleset has not yet been tested even once and it's probable that there are errors preventing it from working. It was published on git as a preview. I'll try to fix the issues next week. Meanwhile you may test with LT37 ruleset.

Mausoleum was removed from the game and it looks like the removal was not properly done.

#3 LT38 » The cost of the migrants » 20.05.2017 13:00:56

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It was proposed that migrants would cost 20 instead of 10. The cost was changed to 16 but it could be more or less. The problem with cheap migrants affects the mid and late game so we could consider something else. Like making the current migrants available only in early game and then maybe adjusting the cost only after reaching some tech like invention. The early migrants could cost 10 and then after invention they could cost more and have maybe an extra move.

Or something else maybe?

#4 Re: other » Do I still have an account ? » 19.05.2017 22:47:56


I remember you well smile

I'll try to check this as soon as possible. Your mail address is ok on the site?

#5 Re: LT37 » Tech Loss » 18.05.2017 21:22:05

Tech lost was set to 100% in the last git commit. I forgot to make a forum post about it. I was probably too busy trying to steal techs in LT37 tongue


Few techs were actually transferred in the process, but it seems that while 10% setting works for the early game, it can be exploited in the late game.

Other changes include

- more expensive migrants (16 shields)
- no partisans from conquering cities
- upgrade bonus is back to what it was (not as easy as it was in LT37)
- move bonus is made smaller for the elite units

#6 LT37 » Superman's nation delegated to wieder » 15.05.2017 11:08:57

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Our alliance member superman is currently not available to play the game. His nation has been delegated to me. The exact time of the delegation is currently unknown.

#7 Re: LT38 » The first version of the LT38 ruleset is on git » 12.05.2017 21:34:33

Warriors have a vision of 18 and a destroyers a vision of 72. The base vision for cities when the game starts is 5.

The actual vision is a square root of that number. Weird, actually.

I haven't tested it yet but a fort on a mountain should give a vision of sqr(25+11) = about 6. Unless I misunderstood it. Anyway, this has not been tested yet. The final values may be changed.

#8 LT38 » The first version of the LT38 ruleset is on git » 12.05.2017 17:00:19

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It's not tested. Just some of the new values are there. Comments are welcome.


Click the link to see a summary of the current changes. More changes may be done in the future. Also, if something is broken that will be fixed.

#9 Re: LT38 » Two players with the same IP? » 05.05.2017 22:53:23


It's ok for people from same IP address to join the game. We have had family members, co-workers, friends etc. playing the same game.

Since the next game is going to be a two team game, I'll add you to the same team. In a team game you will share vision and see what the other team members will see. Tech trading and gold trading are disabled.

Good luck with LT38 smile

#10 LT38 » Nukes and battleships » 04.05.2017 14:14:54

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I was thinking about adjusting the costs of those units. Maybe also carriers.

#11 LT37 » Delegations and players missing most of a turn » 28.04.2017 09:14:55

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In the past the delegation rule dictated that players should only move delegated units for a longer period of time. Like a weekend. There were lots of disagreement about what this means and what is actually a weekend or a comparable time. At a later time it was defined that a "weekend" or a comparable time means at least one full turn. Meaning that no two players should connect and control the same nation during the same turn. This has been the basic rule and reasonably easy to understand because there is no actual time limit to check. Only the last turn someone connected in the game. Of course stuff happens and a returning player may connect "too early". This is understandable even while it should be avoided or at least moving or doing stuff in case of logging in too early shouldn't be done.

I was asked about situations where one player keeps playing but has very limited time to make moves and can't usually make it to the tc action. Or maybe moving a ship with allied units in it. Or something else.

In what kind of situations two players should be allowed to control one nation at the same turn? Opinions, please. Never? In some special cases? Something else?

We need to decide about rules that are both flexible enough but can't be easily abused.

#12 LT38 » Does anyone know if it would be possible to make coastals visible? » 22.04.2017 12:20:55

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Would make sense if the attacker could see those. Maybe something similar to the small wonders. You could see the coastal with a middle click.

#13 LT38 » The original ruleset has coastal defenses with gunpowder » 21.04.2017 16:59:58

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This was proposed at an earlier time and might make sense from gameplay point of view. At least if gunpowder is made even more expensive as planned.

Also, since there was air defense before missiles, it might make sense to create some kind of anti-aircraft unit for defending the cities before SAM batteries. Maybe a unit that gets defense bonus against aircrafts, like AEGIS cruiser, but would also have a higher cost compared to normal city defending unit.

#14 Re: LT38 » Cities getting a defense bonus with size 8 or 9? » 19.04.2017 07:34:39

Looks like part of the ruleset. But I wouldn't change that because fortifying inside cities is not possible and I doubt if that could be made possible with a ruleset. It's to compensate the lack of fortification inside cities.

#15 Re: LT38 » Cities getting a defense bonus with size 8 or 9? » 18.04.2017 14:06:14

The base defense is 50%. With size 9 a city would end up with another 50%. For that the city size 2 should have a defense factor of 1.0625, size 3 also 1.0625, etc... It might be difficult for people to calculate and understanding the exact defense values for each city size. Also, I'm not sure about how well Freeciv manages the calculations with that kind of numbers. We might need to use rounded nuumbers to make the number exact % values.

#16 Re: LT38 » The signups for LT38 are now open » 18.04.2017 13:53:43

Confirming three days after signing up was a GT feature and was never used on LT. Here we will open the confirmations about two weeks before the game starts.

#17 Re: LT38 » Cities getting a defense bonus with size 8 or 9? » 17.04.2017 19:05:04

You would also need to decide and calculate the correct defense values for each size.

#18 Re: LT37 » May he who wants to stop playing delegate permanently? » 16.04.2017 18:15:20

Well yeah, the basic idea of a delegation is to allow the game to continue while someone is away or can't play for some other reason. In the past this has worked reasonably well even for situations where someone simply feels like the game is not fun to play but decides to return after some time.

A delegation should last for at least two turn changes but this is not an absolute requirement. You can delegate right after the tc and let someone else do the moves and then return after the next tc. However two different players are not allowed to control the same nation at the same turn. The players should use common sense for doing this.

We don't have really that great penalties for breaking the rules. We can give a warning and perhaps even suspend an account for a while. Suggestions are welcome but they should be easy to implement.

A delegation may last for a week or two but for a longer time we would need a really good explanation. Common sense. It's very hard to decide exact limitations. You are welcome to propose solutions for different situations.

Might actually make sense for a two team game to have less strict rules for delegations. For example letting someone to get a delegation of an idler even at T0 (T0 is extended turn) for the time of finding a replacement player. But this should be decided in advance.

#19 Re: LT38 » Cities getting a defense bonus with size 8 or 9? » 16.04.2017 17:49:28

Yes. Additional 50%. The cities will always give 50% bonus similar to fortification bonus. Units fortified inside cities will not get any additional bonus.

Interesting idea about getting more defense for each city size. The problem with that is that each size would need the defense bonus defined on he ruleset and adding lots of those would mean lots of work. Maybe not too much but still some. Might be enough if sizes 5, 9, 14 and 17 would get the bonus so that size 17 would have effectively the same defense bonus it would get with 50% + 50% + 50% values. Those should be carefully calculated since the defense bonus is a multiplier.

Maybe something we could try on an experimental game first? Too many changes complicate everything and we may risk an unbalanced game.

#20 Re: LT38 » Delegation in team game » 16.04.2017 17:38:59

You can delegate if you can't or don't want to play for short periods of time. A week or two has been ok but if you have a very good reason, you can delegate for a longer period of time. However delegations shouldn't be used just so that an experienced player could perform some certain tasks like attacks.

If someone delegates permanently, the delegated nation may be given to another player. However this is not usually done instantly. People may say something when something unexpected happens. This is why it's usually a good idea to wait for at least few turns before doing something.

I won't be playing LT38 but I will admin the game. Most likely will not be playing, that is.

I will return for LT39 smile

#21 LT38 » Cities getting a defense bonus with size 8 or 9? » 16.04.2017 14:27:14

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Opinions? The cites now get a 50% defense bonus when they reach size 8.

What would you say if the cities would get a defense bonus with size 9 instead of size 8? This would definitely encourage building bigger cities. It was also proposed, some time ago, that cites would also get another defense bonus at size 16 but if this was size 17, it would also encourage building bigger cities.

Then again we could change this only for LT39.

This would be a major change since the current ruleset encourages stopping the growth at size 8 and getting the defense bonus a size 9 would benefit those who want to build city improvements.

#22 Re: LT38 » The signups for LT38 are now open » 15.04.2017 14:45:05

Also, please join one of the teams. You can always change the team a later time. The teams will be "locked" only few days before the game starts.

#23 LT38 » Reply here to join Team Red » 14.04.2017 10:43:44

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You can also tell if you want to play with some other player or if you want to play against someone else.

Players signed up and confirmed but not singed for any team will be placed on a team by admin decision.

The can also be balanced based on player comments but the admin(s) will make the final decision.

#24 LT38 » Reply here to join Team Blue » 14.04.2017 10:42:54

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You can also tell if you want to play with some other player or if you want to play against someone else.

Players signed up and confirmed but not singed for any team will be placed on a team by admin decision.

The can also be balanced based on player comments but the admin(s) will make the final decision.

#25 LT38 » The signups for LT38 are now open » 14.04.2017 10:25:46

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A two team game. Continents, science box 100, no pooled research. team members not placed next to each other.

There will be two more threads for joining the teams. Players can join Team Blue or Team Red. If the admins see the teams completely unbalanced, players can be moved from team to team. For this you should tell if there are players you would like to play with. Or players you want to play against.

Team names can be changed before the start.

The game can end in a tie, one team claiming victory and the other not objecting, one team completely destroyed or with a space race victory making the launcher's team winners.
More detailed info later.

The ruleset is based on LT37 but with some adjustments. The propositions are listed here and the changes will be finalized before the start.

Start date will be around mid or late May.

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