#1 Re: LT45 » Longboats able to attack other ships? » Today 15:10:29

Not sure about how dangerous wather could be implemented. In the old commercial game there was a possibility that the trireme would be lost at sea. As far as I know there is no such chance with Freeciv 2.5. Idea is interesting.

#2 Re: LT45 » Team Selection » Today 15:08:28

Also list here players that you think are new or need to perform additional confirmation about joining the game. I will be sending an email to all players who are new or who we think will need additional email confirmation. Those players can also reply on this thread and confirm participation.

Sorry about the extra work but we try to have as few idlers as possible.

#3 Re: LT45 » Team Selection » Today 15:05:47

Could someone help us and list all the team captains here on one post? And also add if they agree to be captains but can be replaced by someone else if more players join and want to be captains.

Very good that you have managed to do this and also thanks for people volunteering to become captains. When the players are chosen it would be great if everyone could be online at the same time. If not, you can also send me a private list of preferred players and/or authorize me to choose for you. I will not be playing LT45 so there is no conflict of interest.

#4 Re: LT45 » Longboats able to attack other ships? » 12.08.2018 21:17:19

The caravel is A1 D2 and it's superior when defending against a trireme with A1 D1. Making triremes A2 D2 would require changing the AD values for most of the ships. That's why it might be easier to change the HP for longboat if it's allowed to attack.

Yeah the raid point is good but from gameplay point of view we already have caravels for that. Then again maybe some warrior level unit might work?

#5 Re: LT45 » The cost for the full tech tree? » 12.08.2018 21:05:52

Yes, the tech costs are scaling up too slowly with the default costs read from the ruleset (used in most past games like LT39, LT40, LT41).

And the tech costs are scaling up too fast with the experimental cost setting used in LT43 and LT44.

For fixing that we can edit the tech costs by hand.

#6 Re: LT46 » Attacking and conquering cities from the sea » 12.08.2018 17:33:55

It's a very popular strategy to build frigates and kill the defenders with those. The frigates are now slowed down by city walls but only coastal defense. The frigates kill the defenders and then a unit able to attack from the sea takes the city.

#7 Re: LT45 » Longboats able to attack other ships? » 12.08.2018 17:30:49

Warriors attacking from the ships would be powerful. Really powerful. The longboat is limited to carrying only non military units for balancing the game. It's a ship you can explore with and even use to build colonies but at the same time very limiting since military units can't be loaded onto it. If it could move military units, it would kind of make magnetism not that important from military point of view. The longboat was added to make the game more interesting in multiplayer but at the same time just a little too weak for military operations.

With a warrior able to take a city the players could find empty cities, take it with the warrior just before the tc and then disband the warrior and the ship for a better unit. One should never leave cities empty but this would definitely be a big change when you now can keep some coastal cities empty, if there are no rivers, for a short time, without that big risk.

Then again I've been trying to figure out  what kind of unit could attack from the ships... Maybe some cannon? But that would be for LT46 if we so stuff like that.

#8 Re: LT46 » Attacking and conquering cities from the sea » 12.08.2018 17:21:57

Maybe for middle game we could have an unique rifle unit able to attack from ships? That wouldn't change too much but it would be available before marines.

#9 Re: LT46 » Attacking and conquering cities from the sea » 12.08.2018 17:19:42

It doesn't really matter how powerful the unit is if it's able to conquer an empty city by attacking from a ship. The strategy is to use frigates to empty the cities and then use any unit that's able to conquer. After that the player can move in powerful defenders. That's why warriors able to attack from ships would pretty much equal with swordsmen able to do the same. The unique flag would only limit the effect but maybe it's better to leave it out.

#10 Re: LT46 » Attacking and conquering cities from the sea » 12.08.2018 13:50:44

I think we didn't have it about unique units?

#11 LT45 » Longboats able to attack other ships? » 12.08.2018 11:46:05

Replies: 13

Maybe giving them a defense of 2 and attack of 1 so that travelling on the deep ocean wouldn't be completely risk free, as the might say in Chicago smile

Now the HP would make them inferior to triremes when a longboat would attack a trireme. The question is how low can we go with the HP? Is 5 low enough so that the longboat would usually lose against a trireme? Using HP 2 would be most likely too low?

#12 LT46 » Attacking and conquering cities from the sea » 12.08.2018 11:38:41

Replies: 8

If the units can attack from the sea it greatly changes the balance of the game making the cities on the shores really vulnerable to naval attacks.

So... Would the following feel too weird?

We could have an unique unit that would be able to attack from the ships. It could be a swordsman like but with maybe just 1 or 2 moves. We could have alternative graphics for that but it would also work with the swordsmen graphics. You could attack and take cities from the sea but because you could only have one unit able to attack from a ship, this would need some serious planning.

This unit would also be really expensive like costing 60 or 70 shields.

#13 Re: LT45 » The cost for the full tech tree? » 12.08.2018 10:51:08

1100k bulbs? weird... But you may be right about that.

scibox 15 would work unless it would also make the early techs too cheap. All the level 1 techs would cost about 8-10 bulbs with that and that just really really cheap.

So instead the plan is to edit all the tech costs by had so that they are not too cheap or expensive. This is why the cost of the full tech tree is needed. With scibox 100 I'll make the 1st level techs to cost 30 and the full tech tree to cost the pre-defined number of bulbs. After that we can fine tune it by changing the scibox value. All the indivdual costs can be changed by editing the techs.ruleset file.

#14 Re: LT45 » Team Selection » 11.08.2018 12:51:53

Well we just need the team captains who are able to pick team member in turn once the signups close.

#15 LT45 » The cost for the full tech tree? » 10.08.2018 20:59:19

Replies: 10

I'll edit the tech costs by hand and will make the early techs to cost 30 as they are with sci box 100.

In LT43 with experimental tech costs and scibox 40 the full tech tree cost about 500 000 bulbs. This was said to be too much with teamless and with tech trading on.

In LT44 with experimental tech costs and sci box 60 the full tech tree cost about 750 000 bulbs. Both teams had some less played nations and the team size was close to 20. This was told be be a bit too cheap.

The standard tech cost with sci box 100 is about 66 000 bulbs.

Now the question is, how much should the full tech tree cost in LT45 with tech trading turned off? My current estimate 120 000 - 150 000 bulbs.

#16 LT45 » How to deal with idlers/those who want to join after the game starts? » 10.08.2018 20:35:25

Replies: 3

How many nations can be controlled by one player?

For how long time to exceed that limit by one player? (I'm sure this is needed sometimes)

And how to deal with late joiners replacing idlers?

#17 Re: LT45 » Team Selection » 10.08.2018 20:26:10


Let's see if we can get enough captains and if we can figure out the teams after that.

#18 Re: LT45 » Team Selection » 10.08.2018 11:51:24

If LT45 is going to be a team game, we can have tech trading enabled inside teams. However if it's teamless or mixed teamless teams game then tech trading will be off.

You can see the status for  the team captain selection from this thread. That's all I know smile

#19 Re: LT45 » Team Selection » 10.08.2018 11:00:12

Indeed. It's more easy to disband at a later time.

Another thing is that even if the game is teamless you can ally with the players you like before the game even starts. In this case please try to be fair and don't form an alliance including all the top players smile

Now, here is another idea. I'm not sure if this would work but here it is anyway:

Tech trading off even inside teams. We could set up a game with max 6 winners. The 6 winners scenario would be for players playing teamless. However there could be also teams but those teams would have max 3 or 4 members to compensate the advantage the players will get from playing with others from start. No tech trading but gold trading enabled with maybe 20% gold tax.

#20 Re: LT45 » LT45 is supposed to be a more traditional game » 09.08.2018 14:40:04

The original requirements for city growth with granaries in civ2civ3 were:

10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 20, 20, 30

In previous games they were:

10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 15, 15, 20

With LT44 settings:

8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 20, 25

The problem with earlier settings is that size 6 cities are kind of to powerful when building settlers or migrants. Maybe there is some way to fix that?

#21 Re: LT44 » By Vectron's beard, Fundamentalism is amazing! » 09.08.2018 13:26:05

There was this idea of allowing the players to incite the cities of any gov but that would apply only to LT46 and the follow up games.

#22 Re: LT44 » By Vectron's beard, Fundamentalism is amazing! » 09.08.2018 11:19:52

What of the improvements give too much?

One way to deal with funda might be preventing the universities from working with it.

I'll try to figure out why you get both gold and happiness from happiness buildings. However if it gets complicated we need to think something else for LT45.

#23 Re: LT45 » LT45 is supposed to be a more traditional game » 08.08.2018 21:13:59

Archers are no longer able to bombard.

Now reverted the granary foodbox sizes to the values they were on civ2civ3 + also reverted the actual granary effect to give 10 food instead of 50%. 

Let's see what we will do with funda.

#24 Re: LT45 » Team Selection » 08.08.2018 17:05:38

Please reply here if you are willing to be a team captain. If we can't make teams then this game will be teamless.

#25 Re: LT44 » new players » 08.08.2018 15:03:00

oops smile

I should have closed the signups. Done now.

Let me know if there are replacement players who want to play.

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