#1 LT42 » New test game started » Yesterday 19:48:53

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host: longturn.org
port: 5042

have fun

#2 Re: New Games » Fixing or changing the siege units » 14.10.2018 13:47:34

How would you change the values?

name          = _("Catapult")
class         = "Big Siege"
tech_req      = "Mathematics"
obsolete_by   = "Cannon"
graphic       = "u.catapult"
graphic_alt   = "-"
sound_move    = "m_catapult"
sound_move_alt = "m_generic"
sound_fight   = "f_catapult"
sound_fight_alt = "f_generic"
build_cost    = 30
pop_cost      = 0
attack        = 5
defense       = 1
hitpoints     = 10
firepower     = 1
move_rate     = 3
vision_radius_sq = 18
transport_cap = 0
fuel          = 0
uk_happy      = 1
uk_shield     = 1
uk_food       = 1
uk_gold       = 1
flags         = "CityBuster", "Capturable"

#3 New Games » Fixing or changing the siege units » 14.10.2018 10:13:42

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LT45 was supposed to have a change that would allow the siege units to become veterans with barracks. For some reason I haven't checked yet it never got there.

Instead all the siege units have the citybuster flag starting from the catapult. The attack values are slightly reduced and the units are not that great for anything but attacking cities. Originally catapults and cannons are not citybusters and they have greater attack values. In the old games howitzers were kind of too powerful in the end game.

How would you change the siege units?

#4 Re: LT45 » Delegations » 13.10.2018 11:03:10

Yeah, take the delegation. That's why predefined delegations are a good thing.

#5 Re: LT42 » Proposal for "winning conditions" for LT42 » 11.10.2018 19:25:04

What if 2 or more players exceed the 20% land limit? They might exceed it at the same turn and might be switching the order of the positions while keeping it on the top of the 20% limit.

#6 LT42 » The test game for LT42 has started » 11.10.2018 07:27:25

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19 players, have fun testing it and report the errors and weird stuff here smile

host: longturn.org
port: 5042

#7 LT45 » Delegations » 07.10.2018 16:33:00

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Since this is a team game and the team members can have more freedom with delegations, there is maybe no need to make a forum post telling about when you delegate. Then again it might be nice to do that. I'll start this thread by letting you know that Orisson has been delegated to Kevin until Oct 10th.

#8 Re: LT45 » On Isolated Positions and Fairness » 06.10.2018 17:49:55

It's true that the location picking process was fair and transparent. It's not that but the importance of the locations. Some players were just better than other with picking the start locations. Then again it's a question about if this would be something the  players want? For LT45 there were no resources for dong that but if we have a volunteer for organizing and editing the locations, we could do it again.

I hope LT45 is still enjoyable game for the participants. At least I can't see any team that would be clearly superior to the others. Or maybe not even slightly superior but that's hard to say since I don't see the map smile

#9 Re: LT45 » On Isolated Positions and Fairness » 05.10.2018 17:29:08

In LT32 the map was known and the teams chose the start locations. That was quite complicated and resulted with starting locations to have too much importance.

Someone could check the map in advance but that would be also lots of work and there could be errors because of so many nations to check.

Maybe the generator will be improved for 2.6? Or is.

#10 Re: LT45 » Idlers » 05.10.2018 17:25:47

emilio, thanks for notifying us! emilio's team will probably let me know about who will take his delegation?

#11 Re: New Games » Web game 17 started » 04.10.2018 06:58:27

Well... Comparing those like that is like saying how a blueberry is a less complex version of strawberry or the other way around smile

#12 Re: LT44 » Global warming strikes!!! » 03.10.2018 17:12:05

There is this code fix but also an alternative or additional fix of making it much cheaper to build non polluting plants. I believe this was already implemented for LT46.

#14 Re: LT45 » Idlers » 02.10.2018 19:45:57

Will do. Remind me on discord when T3 begins.

#15 Re: LT42 » The signups for LT42 are now open » 02.10.2018 07:21:31

Maybe someone else knows the answer for that? Sor some reason I have never changed away from East Germany big_smile

Then again I suppose it has happened so should be possible. Just a warning about that. The players and their nations are copy pasted by hand so it's very likely that I will not notice the changed nation and the original one will be used for the game. Because of that, please make a forum post if you change. I know this is far from perfect at the moment.

If I can motivate myself, I'll start listing new web features we would need. In the winter that is. And maybe also start figuring out how to so that stuff smile

#16 Re: LT45 » Idlers » 01.10.2018 19:11:45

Corbeau's nephew Dodo has replaced SKB. SKB may be back and if the replacement is objected, the delegation will be cancelled.

Let me know if Nirti is not back and I'll give his nation to Buggy. Also let me know if this delegation is objected. No need to do anything if it's not objected.

#17 Re: LT44 » Global warming strikes!!! » 01.10.2018 19:07:42

There is already a patch to allow adjusting the effects on global warming and also nuclear winter. It was not applied to LT45 basically because I was unsure if it could have been tested enough and if it could have been understood well enough. I'm fairly sure this option will be available for LT46 and LT47.

#18 Re: LT43 » Victory post » 30.09.2018 18:14:20

The games often end with a victory post. If it's not objected it means that the players effectively agree to it.

#19 Re: LT43 » A victory post was made and the game will end » 30.09.2018 18:12:49

Sorry. I forgot to ask ending but did that now and I'm staying online with the delegation of yee.

#20 Re: LT45 » Idlers » 30.09.2018 13:55:52

Nirti is now delegated to Kevin.

There may not be that many idlers after all since we required triple confirmations from some new players. From people who were new to the game. Those who didn't reply with email, on the forum or with discord were not added. So far it looks like this worked really well. I haven't seen those players trying to connect who didn't reply back in time.

#21 Re: LT45 » Idlers » 30.09.2018 12:42:39

Replacements can be done if no one objects them. In this game the competing teams can object and prevent the replacements if they think the replacement is not fair one. Like replacing with a too good player.

Meanwhile, let me know about the idlers and I'll delegate them to the current players of the team so that no nation will miss moving in T0. I'll also send reminder emails once you tell me about who to send to.

Deleting the players might be one option but maybe not now since that would result with creating "unclaimed areas" where nearby players would get an advantage. Instead maybe better to let the team members to move for the idlers so that the players can have a nation to play with even if they join few turns late.

#22 Re: LT45 » Idlers » 29.09.2018 14:38:33

Good idea.

I may not be available to delegate the idlers 12 hours before the tc. Because of that the teams could tell me about them in advance and move for the idlers only when there is 12 hours left.

#23 LT43 » A victory post was made and the game will end » 28.09.2018 22:31:19

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Please stay connected while the game is ended. This will allow the players to see the final scores.

The winners are dim + soon + paavo + Lord_P + dion + rocknrolf

#24 Re: LT43 » Victory post » 28.09.2018 22:29:12

No objections. LT43 will end.

#25 LT42 » LT42 has been set to start November 1st » 28.09.2018 14:24:15

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We will run the first test game once there are enough interested players. The signups are open.


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