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Usually only one delegation is allowed but with LT38 you can get two if that's admin approved. A forum post is also something that should be done, but I guess that with 2 team games you can also make a public post on in-game chat.

The rules and winning conditions for LT38 can be found here:

The general rules for LT games can be found here:


The general rules apply unless "overwritten" on the LT38 specific rules.

Thanks for asking. You can always ask more if something is not that obvious.

#2 Re: LT38 » Delegation... or not? » 24.06.2017 12:13:52

Delegation set.

You can't set the delegation in-game. For delegating you need to go to longturn.org web site and set the delegation there. Go to http://www.longturn.org/game/LT38/ and the dlegation is on the bottom of the page.

#3 Re: ScenarioGame 1 » A new concept to Longturn games, scenario game » 23.06.2017 12:52:13

The probem with nations with units only is conquering the cities. One way to deal with this would be giving those nations only ancient techs. That way the conquered cites would not be able to produce new units or at least units that are modern enough. Does this sound too weird?

Maybe we could test the scenario game with a very small and short game setup? Maybe editing some map for a limited number of players and playing a 10-20 turn game with 23h turns? Anyone interedted to play such a short game? It would be a non ranking game and we could plan the setup together.

#4 LT40 » LT40 will start in 3-6 months from now » 22.06.2017 16:50:55

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It's going to be a teamless game based on LT38.

What's special with LT40 is that building huge empires will be extremely hard. The government sizes will be changed to allow more cities before getting the first unhappy citizen. After reaching the city limit the empire size step will start creating unhappiness issues for those who try to conquer every possible city there is to be conquered. The empire size step will be something between 1-5.

Space race will be enabled and the game will probably end with a space race victory. Conquest victory will be possible but not likely to happen.

The winning alliance size is limited to 30-50% of the players starting the game.

There will be some more experimental features with this game but the game will not be experimental one. It's to be decided if this is going to be a ranking game or not.

Experimental features will include, but possibly not limited to, following features:

- swordsmen, musketeers and riflemen can't attack directly from ships
- there will be a new government, nationalism, similar to fundamentalism but without -50% sci penalty and the max sci/tax/lux rate is 50%
- some form of tech trading or tech stealing will be possible
- building cities on mountains may be possible
- there is a WW1-WW2 era unit able to provide some kind of defense against air units (if possible)

LT40 will start around the same time with LT39 assuming that there is enough interest for two games. If not, it will start at a later time.

All suggestions about map, map type, ruleset changes or something else are welcome.

#5 LT39 » LT39 will start in 3-4 months » 22.06.2017 16:24:41

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It's going to be a teamless game.

The ruleset will be a conventional LT one and the max number of winners is limited to maybe 15% - 20% of players starting the game.

Space race is probably enabled but the outcome is most likely an allied conquest victory.

The ruleset will be based on LT38.

Suggestions about map size, map type and ruleset changes are very welcome.

#6 Re: ScenarioGame 1 » A new concept to Longturn games, scenario game » 22.06.2017 15:47:25

Limited capabilities? Do you mean that changes are needed for the ruleset? The easiest way would be using a slightly modified LT38 ruleset but we can use some other one if it's already available, maybe?

#7 Re: ScenarioGame 1 » A new concept to Longturn games, scenario game » 22.06.2017 09:39:54

Stuff like this may take a long time to happen smile

Maybe we could start with a 6-10 player game and with some techs ready when the game starts. That because trying this stuff out with a maybe 40-50 turn game isn't too much and also gives us better idea about how to set up the next game.

Is some of the scenarios close to that?

#8 Re: ScenarioGame 1 » A new concept to Longturn games, scenario game » 21.06.2017 11:58:00

Indeed. They could end faster if some techs are known from the start and the games would have a smaller map.

Maybe we could even start a game with king units tongue

People interested in playing a game like this, please reply here. It helps if we know how many interested players there are.

#9 LT38 » LT38 has started » 21.06.2017 07:54:26

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Please report here if something is not ok.

Good luck with the game! smile

#10 LT38 » Start in the morning » 20.06.2017 21:32:16

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Stay tuned on this Bat channel... uh... Longturn channel smile

All is set up for the ruleset. Just some setup needed on the server side.

Meanwhile you can try out the test game. lt38.longturn.org port 5038

You will notice the actual LT38 having more than 3 minutes for the turn timeout. The first turn will be extended as usual.

#11 Re: LT38 » The proposed teams for LT38 » 20.06.2017 09:40:26

Here is the map and the locations for team Blue on LT38 test.


There is currently one extra player for testing purposes. The map will be about 150x150 tiles or slightly smaller.

#12 Re: LT38 » The proposed teams for LT38 » 20.06.2017 08:13:48

I know players from both teams but of course we can make a player swap. I'll do it soon.

Once that as been done, everything seems to be ready for the start. Any last moment issues? We can still make some small fixes.

lvzheng. don't worry. You can ask your team for advice. And it's always the first time for everything smile

#13 LT38 » Start of LT38 delayed until tomorrow » 19.06.2017 19:50:52

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Still some issues with team settings. Sorry about this.

#14 LT38 » Any idea why the teams are not Red/Blue for LT38 test? » 19.06.2017 17:37:59

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We get teams 0-20 for the test game. There should be only 2 teams. Can't really figure out why.

#15 Re: LT38 » New test game for LT38 has started » 18.06.2017 19:32:01

Sorry, I forgot to reply.

The map generator creates one or more continents and without additional work it's impossible to set it to use only a single continent. This means that there may be more land somewhere...

#16 ScenarioGame 1 » A new concept to Longturn games, scenario game » 18.06.2017 16:00:20

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We have few proposed scenarios for a new game. With this kind of game the map is pre-defined and known to all players when the game starts.

This game doesn't have a start date and it may take a while to be planned. The game could start August/September at the earliest but if more planning is needed, this may take more time.

One proposed scenario is German States 1871. More info can be found here.


You can also propose other scenarios. At this point we should know if there is interest for this type of games and what kind of settings a game like this would need to work properly. Feel free to propose scenarios.

The ruleset will be probably based on LT38 but we can also use some other ruleset. There will be, probably, modifications to the selected ruleset. You can also propose changes needed for some specific scenario.

The map for the scenario game might need something like 6-15 players and the scenario/map can be selected for the number of players.

Since this is a new concept, it's probably not going to be ranking game but that doesn't mean there couldn't be winners.

#17 LT38 » The proposed winning conditions and rules for LT38 » 18.06.2017 12:42:38

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LT38 is a two team game.

The game can be won if one team is wiped out and everyone in that team is RIP.

The game can be won if another team gives up. Every living nation (not RIP) will need to make a forum post and tell that they give up.

The game can be won with space race victory. The winner is the team that's first able to reach the stars. The server will tell the winning nation.

Only alive nations can be among the winners. An alive nation is one that's not RIP.

If the game can't be continued in 90 days or no winning post is made after the game can no longer be played the game will end with tie.

Winning post is always required for the winning team. If not objected in a week, it will be valid.

Basically everything the server lets you do is allowed. Hacking and staying online 24/7 or too long (like half of the day) is not allowed. RTS is allowed while not encouraged. A game is better without RTS but since RTS (real time strategy) is very common and powerful tool around the TC (turn change) there is little we can do about it.

Wiping out everyone else is not required for the victory.

The teams are permanent, but if you have really really good grounds on kicking out some ill behaving player from your team, this can be done with admin decision. However this requires extra work for me and akfaew. Please don't propose this unless absolutely necessary. There are no exact rules for kicking out someone. You will just need to convince the game admin(s) for doing that.

Idling nations can be given away if the player has not logged in in T0 or if the player remains idle for a week.

The admins may decide to remove idlers from the game. Players not logged in at T0 may be removed or given out to someone else. A delegation is also possible.

Since this is a two team game, you can set a permanent delegation for someone on your team. This should be used only when the other player is not able to play. If someone goes idle and has not logged in for a full turn (for example, has not been online during turn T50) you can ask admin to set a delegation for this nation. Use common sense for this. If the admin(s) think this is abused, you will be asked about it. The admins can remove or forbid delegations if they are abused. This will not happen easily, so don't be afraid of delegating to someone.

Admin(s) can remove or set delegations if necessary. Delegations to player not playing LT38 need to be admin approved.

Only one delegation at a time is allowed. However you can get a and delegation (3rd nation to be controlled) by admin decision. You need to convince the admin(s) that this is necessary and not unfair. I hope no more than one delegation / player is not needed.

The actual game rules can not be changed during the game unless there is a bug preventing the game to be played. Ruleset changes to game help can be done but the changes are not immediately applied since that requires a game save/load.

If something is missing from this post or there is a disagreement how to interpret something, it will be decided by admin decision. The game admin will not play LT38 and tries to be objective.

If there are problems or something improve for future games, please let us know. There will be forums for LT39 and LT40 once LT38 has started. You can also post on L38 forum.

There is a team chat available on the Freeciv client. Using that really helps you and your team. Ask others if there is something to be asked. You can also ask on the forum or on IRC channel #longturn (freenet).

And the most important thing. Have fun and make this a great game! smile

#18 LT38 » The proposed teams for LT38 » 18.06.2017 11:51:00

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Please comment if you think there is a problem with the teams, they are unfair or if you are not going to play the game. Also comment if you think you have joined LT38 but you are not on the list. Or if you simply would (not) want to play with some player or you would like to play against some particular player.

Some players did not confirm participation and they are not added to the game. If there was an error with that, please let me know as soon as possible.

I have chosen the two teams trying to make them balanced. I have some idea about how different players play but perfect balancing is not possible. It's just as fair as I could do. All comments are welcome and we can adjust the teams if there is a problem.

Team BLUE:

Corbeau:Blue:North Korean

Team RED:


Corbeau was moved to team Blue and paavo was moved to team red.

#19 LT38 » The start of LT38 is delayed until monday » 16.06.2017 13:22:26

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I completely forgot to test the team placements with Freeciv 2.5.

The teams will be announced soon.

#20 Re: LT38 » New test game for LT38 has started » 15.06.2017 12:47:34

This is a map with continent(s). LT37 was different as it was an islands scenario.

This is intentional.

#21 LT38 » Confirm your participation on LT38! You can't play without doing this » 14.06.2017 08:07:02

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Go on the LT38 page:


Be sure you are logged in. Click confirm button on the bottom right of the page.

Now you should see the red marker next to your nick turning green.

You will not be added to the real game if you do not do this.

This is required to make sure everyone joined will actually play. Sorry for the extra trouble.

I have sent mails about this. Only for those who did not confirm yet.

#22 LT38 » New test game for LT38 has started » 10.06.2017 13:05:47

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Now the map looks more like how it will look like in the actual LT38. There are 30 players and that makes the map smaller.

If there are bugs or something weird, let me know.

#23 Re: LT38 » The map for LT38 » 09.06.2017 12:40:02

Some people complained that they start too close to others and the way to fix that is to make the map bigger. Unfortunately I was unable to find settings that would allow less monolithic continents. In a two team game this may not be that big problem since allies can help each other.

Shores are a two edged sword actually. They give you some protection but with attacks coming from seas, you can be conquered really fast. I will not add this for LT38 but for LT40 I may remove the ability of swords, musks (already removed) and rifles to attack from ships. That would force the attacker to actually land units first. Of course marines could attack from ships even with this setting.

#24 LT38 » Waste for different governments, what to change? » 09.06.2017 10:11:25

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type    = "Output_Waste"
value   = 30
reqs    =
    { "type", "name", "range"
      "Gov", "Tribal", "Player"
      "OutputType", "Trade", "Local"

type    = "Output_Waste"
value   = 20
reqs    =
    { "type", "name", "range"
      "Gov", "Despotism", "Player"
      "OutputType", "Trade", "Local"

type    = "Output_Waste"
value   = 10
reqs    =
    { "type", "name", "range"
      "Gov", "Monarchy", "Player"
      "OutputType", "Trade", "Local"

type    = "Output_Waste"
value   = 30
reqs    =
    { "type", "name", "range"
      "Gov", "Communism", "Player"
      "OutputType", "Trade", "Local"

type    = "Output_Waste"
value   = 15
reqs    =
    { "type", "name", "range"
      "Gov", "Fundamentalism", "Player"
      "OutputType", "Trade", "Local"

type    = "Output_Waste"
value   = 25
reqs    =
    { "type", "name", "range"
      "Gov", "Republic", "Player"
      "OutputType", "Trade", "Local"

type    = "Output_Waste"
value   = 5
reqs    =
    { "type", "name", "range"
      "Gov", "Democracy", "Player"
      "OutputType", "Trade", "Local"

#25 Re: LT38 » I cannot remain... » 07.06.2017 11:43:38

It's a two team game so you can delegate to someone on your team for that time.

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