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Why do small cities get free granaries?

As I was planning city development today, trying to get settlers and migrants built in my smaller cities to make use of their rapid growth ability, the question occurred to me: Why?

It seems a very strange exception in this ruleset, to have cities of sizes 1-4 have free granaries, but then have this ability disappear at size 5.  Quite odd indeed.  Given that this Longturn ruleset is born out of a process of tweaking and refinement spanning many years, I can't imagine this could have been an accident.  There must be a reason for this.

Why was it added?


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Re: Why do small cities get free granaries?

My guess is in order to speed things up. Longturn is, by definition, long, and slow. And the beginning is especially slow which makes the game much less interesting. So, we want to get as quickly as possible to the middle stages where we can do something and not go from day to day twiddling our fingers and waiting for something to happen.


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