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Upcoming www features

These are the features I plan on adding to the www, sooner or later:

  • After investigating a city with a spy, the city info is dumped to the website so that screenshots will not be necessary

  • Partially import old accounts - for ranking purposes.

  • Automatically create history, something like plots but with player deaths, aliances etc. I already did that in previous games from saves, but it was not acurate.

  • Allow players to add game history

  • Creating a new poll automatically creates a forum topic

  • Email notifications about stuff (poll creation, game start) - if the player wishes it

  • Automatic screenshot manager - right now I have to add screenshots manually, and players need to send them to me by email

  • /create and /remove buttons for LTeX games - the operator won't have to manually add newcomers. Some waiting periods should go with it

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Re: Upcoming www features

About History.
It would be very nice if players could publish their histories in "Chapters", which correspond, roughly, to a specific Turn number (of course they don't have to write a chapter for each turn!!!). If each chapter have a field with "T#" (and of course, a field with the LT# game), they can be arranged not only historian-wise (history by one single player's POV), but also chrono-wise, i.e. one can read altogether all point of views of, say, T100,  by player x, player y and player z. Chapters may have a title field also.
If world map or stats are available of that very turn, they can be seen altogether with the POVs.

This would lend to a navigation tree like this:

   -"Here I am" (Monamipierrot POV)
   -Dude POV
   -"Fantastic spot" (OleTraveler POV)
   -[World Map]
   -Dude POV
   -KG POV
   -[Historian publishes]
   -"Gonna kill Monamipierrot" (OleTraveler POV)
   -"Gonna kill OleTraveler" (Monamipierrot POV)
   -[World stats]

...of course, if I were a programmer I would do it myself wink

Thanks dude for the great work.


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Re: Upcoming www features

Added pollution plots


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