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Ruthenians need a baby-sitter

Hi, I have to go away for 30 days, and the laptop I'm travelling with won't have Freeciv on it, and where I'm going I'm going to have very limited opportunity to get on any other computer, so I need somebody to take over the Ruthenians for a while.

Can somebody find me a babysitter, please?


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Re: Ruthenians need a baby-sitter

I have taken this assignment. I hope I will be able to run his cool country as well as he has been able to.

A delegation of 30 days is a long time and that's why I hesitated for a some time before taking this assignment. But on the other hand the request for someone to run Vendicar's country for 30 days has been publicly available here on the forum and no one complained. Because of that I guess it's not a real problem even while 30 days is a long long long time to be delegated.

Besides, we have so many idlers already that we really don't really need any more of those. And after all, Vendicar will be back after 30 days. And nights. After he has done that stuff he is doing.


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