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825 BC Pliny the Elder reports on the most MILITARIZED Civilizations i

Here is the report we got at the TC. I guess it's just fair to post this here so everyone can see it. Not just those players who were online at the TC. It's too bad that these reports are available only for the TC players.

825 BC Pliny the Elder reports on the most MILITARIZED Civilizations in the World.

1: The Supreme Vikings
2: The Magnificent Czechs
3: The Magnificent New Zealanders
4: The Magnificent Icelanders
5: The Great Han
6: The Great Seleucids
7: The Great Slovakians
8: The Great Visigoths
9: The Glorious Barbarians
10: The Glorious Benin
11: The Excellent Hellenes
12: The Excellent Aleuts
13: The Excellent Pirates
14: The Eminent Ukrainians
15: The Eminent Armenians
16: The Eminent Dryads
17: The Distinguished  Siberians
18: The Distinguished  Gauls
19: The Distinguished  East Germans
20: The Average Spanish
21: The Average Polynesian
22: The Average Etruscans
23: The Mediocre Sumerians
24: The Mediocre Palatinate Germans
25: The Mediocre Ainu
26: The Mediocre Bengalis
27: The Ordinary Russians
28: The Ordinary English
29: The Ordinary Imazighen
30: The Ordinary Germans
31: The Pathetic Californians
32: The Pathetic Liechtensteiners
33: The Pathetic Gokturks
34: The Pathetic Hondurans
35: The Useless Chinese
36: The Useless Pashtuns
37: The Valueless Hackers
38: The Valueless Greeks
39: The Valueless Teutonic Order
40: The Worthless Papuans
41: The Worthless Austrians
42: The Worthless Sioux
43: The Wretched Vampires
44: The Wretched Lankese
45: The Wretched Sikhs
46: The Wretched Soviets
47: The Wretched Normans


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