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Ganoes Paran
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LW2a winning topic

I want to introduce winning of LW2a.
There a in alfabetic order:

It was hard decision, but once i have deal with wieder in start of a game when we met, he has got quite nice 30 tiles place to settle, we lost a another member of ally, i decided to change sides with option to let wieder live to the end.

It was another tricky, dirty and "word war" game, all non RIP players have 7 days from now to accept this post.

All rest board (LW2b and LW2c) has 37 days to end a game, if end by surrender they have 30 days to write winning post.

Edit:T147 - end game


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Re: LW2a winning topic

I confirm the victors list.

I delegated for the most decisive part of the game, which I regret. Thanks to all for playing.


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Re: LW2a winning topic

I accept defeat on lw2a and will not claim victory.

This was quite interesting game but it also had lots of boring phases for me. Mostly because there was not that much room to expand big_smile I had to try new strategies since I had room for only 4 initial cities and 2 more at a later time and then for 2 more in the last turns when I finally had enough troops for a minor operation.

What surprised me is that the more advanced techs beyond tactics were never invented. No tech trading contributed to that but then again tech leakage helped to speed up development, at least for the small nations smile

LT34 uses a slightly modified but quite similar system for techs. It will be interesting to see how far we can get there. Probably beyond tactics since the map is  bigger and it's harder to become truly superior there. Or maybe not. It's T48 there and since I can't really compare my nation from lw2a to the one I have in LT34, it's very hard for me to say how the lech leakage impacts research. My feeling is that nations should either be able to grow a massive research potential and pick up cheap tech in the early game or they should research as fast as possible and use the techs for conquering. This has became my opinion in the last few days.

Thanks everyone for the game.

Surviving with this setup was nice even I tried the early war strategy and miserably failed on that  tongue

The East Germany shall rise again! big_smile


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Re: LW2a winning topic

I confirm the list of winners. It was a good game.


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From: Slovakia
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Re: LW2a winning topic

Congratulations to Akfaew, Edrim and Elrik!
Were there no more survivors, but one? In that case - congratulations to Wieder as well! big_smile


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