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DNS issues and trouble connecting to the game, T52 exteded with 23h

Unfortunately Longturn has faced some DNS issues preventing the domain name servers from resolving the actual ip address for all the players. It's believed that this issue was solved earlier today, but since some DNS servers may not have been updated, the current turn T52 has been extended with 23 hours.

Apparently few players were unable to make all the moves in the last turn and this is something that shouldn't happen again. The last turn T51 should have been extended with 2*23h but it never happened. The reasons for that were the following. We were unsure if there was a problem and if that was causing people not to be able to connect. From the logs it looked like people were connecting since the unsuccessful connections were not logged, obviously. Also checking the logs for those who didn't connect was not that easy since some people may connect late in the turn. We also had not prepared for a situation like this one and this is why I was unsure how to deal with it. My apologies for that. I was also too busy just when I thought I might have been able to check what's going on. That's why the late mails. In short we didn't really know how to deal with something like this. Now we should know better.

I really really hope this didn't ruin the game for those who were unable to connect.


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Re: DNS issues and trouble connecting to the game, T52 exteded with 23h

now should be ok.


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