#1 30.06.2015 10:41:22

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More changes to LT35 ruleset?

Do you wish to reduce the range of the fighters? Just make them 1x isntead of 3x? Is this a popular opinion?

Any other changes to the moves?


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Re: More changes to LT35 ruleset?

I actually dont have any problem with the move rate of fighters. They SHOULD be a fast long range recon unit. What pissed me off no end was that thay where so powerful against cities that bombers where obselete and that they where constantly blocking everything by being unreachable!
Keep movement the same. Change attack and defense to 3. They will still be a good unit for air defence, recon, taking out cavalry and artillery in the open, even sinking transports (maybe reduce transport defence by one, makes no difference against subs and battleships anyway..) .
So they will remain a very useful unit but not a cheap cruise missile!


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