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A new test game for LT35 will start soon

This game will include a new map and only two additional players who are not going to play the actual game. Me and mmm2.

There will be lots of water and the map is almost a huge one. There should be plenty of land for everyone and the focus will probably be on naval operations.

The fighters also have a shorter range and they will most likely need a carrier for far away operations.

# map
set alltemperate=disabled
set barbarians=disabled
set generator="FRACTAL"
set huts=0
set landmass=35
set mapsize="PLAYER"
set separatepoles=disabled
set specials=200
set startpos="VARIABLE"
set steepness=15
set temperature=50
set tilesperplayer=550
set topology="WRAPX|WRAPY"
set wetness=40
set alltemperate=disabled


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