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LT36, LT37, LT38... etc... When to start the future games?

LT36 is scheduled to start January 2nd 2016. This is the first 2.5 game and that made it harder for us to decide when to start.

LT37 and LT38 will be using, probably, the same ruleset (with small modifications) as LT36 and that allows more confidence with start dates.

Would you start to start 2 or 3 LT games / year? Or maybe something else?

The preliminary start dates might be something like this:

LT36 - January 2016
LT37 - May 2016
LT38 - September 2016
LT39 - January 2017

This would probably mean that the games would be overlapping. With starting 2 games / year there would be less overlapping but some time without games. It also looks like most players here are playing on the northern hemisphere meaning that summer games (June-July) are not that popular.

Some players only want to play one game at a time while some want more.


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