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Play-by-Email now possible on Freeciv-web

Freeciv-web now has a new Play-by-Email mode. Please give it a try!
I'm very interested in knowing what players of Longturn thinks about this new Play-by-Email mode. 

Do you like it?  What could be done better?  Looking forward to your suggestions!



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Re: Play-by-Email now possible on Freeciv-web

I guess that's basically a way to play without a server if there are just two players playing the game. You have the same idea for playing the game Longturn has, using very long turns smile

I suppose your e-mail implementation is good for people who travel and want to have duels. Not really something I would do but I can see how someone might like that. 

I remember checking your Freeciv project in the past but didn't quite understand the multiplayer aspect of it. I'm more like multiplayer focused person myself. Anyway it was nice to see that the client was actually running on my phone even while the UI wasn't really designed for touch screen.


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