#1 19.12.2016 20:00:34

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The test game has been restarted 19th Dec

Smaller map. Please comment if something is not working as it should be.


#2 23.12.2016 20:34:48

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Re: The test game has been restarted 19th Dec

hi wieder, the map was still to big - although we don't know how many players will confirm playing. I am not sure yet if I will join. I hope that we could put something that limits login time, but that will take lots of programming effort, and I don't think anyone has time to modify - we would have to track time logged in, and then cut players after being logged in more than X minutes. I thnk many have quitted playing because of time needed each turn.. It can be 4 hour turns at end game if you are serious to win...


#3 24.12.2016 00:41:02

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Re: The test game has been restarted 19th Dec

I think the island size was actually small but acceptable, not really big at all. The total map was large due to 50+ players. I think the mapsize is set by tiles per player so if there are less players the map will be smaller.

I also support a time limit per turn. I am sure there is a setting for that. I remember we had used it in an earlier LT game.


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