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The Freeciv-web seems to be down at least for some time


If the games can't be resumed soon (no info about that) we can create a new game sooner than planned. One with more familiar settings to the web players. Probably based on traditional LT games like LT39 and LT40 but with some features added/changed to make the freeciv-web players to feel more comfortable. I guess at least tech trading will be enabled. Please make suggestions here and we can see how to implement those.

I hope that the web would return since longturn.org and native clients can't fill that void. We can only try to create something for the players while the web games are down. This is not an attempt to get the web players to play games here but to make it possible to play the game while the easy to use web platform is gone.

In the short term longturn.org may get some more players but for the long term something like this would be very bad for the community with less choices for the players.


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Re: The Freeciv-web seems to be down at least for some time

One thing that I disliked with Web, but realised it's a good peolpe attractor, is having a game that you can join the oment you realise it's there. Meaning, if a game started a week ago and I have just stumbled on it, I can join and take over one of the existing idle or untaken nations (because you will create a maximum number of nations, not only the number equal to people who signed up before the game started). Yes, it's messy, creates a lot of idlers and disbalance because people who joined later have a hard time keeping up, but it is a great way to get people in, get them acquainted, show them what Longturn really is and, finally, inform them when the next "real" game is starting so that they can join in at the beginning and play it the way it's meant to be.

Would it be possible to implement something like this here? It definitely doesn't have to be the standard "LT series", could be called something like "LT Public" and we could have one game like that always running.


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