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Endgame conditions?

There has been no discussion or suggestion about this, so here's my proposition.

Game ends when it ends officially: either by spaceship arrival or by one alliance wiping out everybody else. In the end, it's the score that counts. R.I.P. players will retain their score from techs, as per game mechanics.

This would be the official part. Unofficial part would be: players on the verge of defeat can declare their surrender and negotiate the conditions (score-wise or otherwise) with the Winning Alliance in order to survive, not become R.I.P. and get a slightly better score. Yes, this can end up with everybody being in the Winning Alliance but it basically makes sense because:
1. The Winning Alliance is just the mechanics to end the game
2. It's the score that counts anyway.

Besides, in WWII, of dozen countries that fought on the Axis side, only two were officially "defeated" (ok, maybe a few more if you consider artificial quisling satellite states). Everybody else simply switched sides at one point, so why not allow this here?

What say you?

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Re: Endgame conditions?

This is a great idea. To implement it properly however, a player should be able to surrender / "kneel to the victor". That would probably require some coding.


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