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Testing LT rulesets on local server, for dummies

Someone, please, give me directions on how to setup local server for testing longturn games rulesets. Terror wrote about it a little in "What diplomacy actions are needed to be able to trade technologies?" thread.

1. I got rulesets downloaded from git repository
-- installed git and tortoisegit on my Windows
-- set up git repository in "freeciv/LT_games" empty folder with the remote origin set to "git://git.longturn.org/lt_scripts.git"
-- synced the repository with the remote repository and got folder LT30 with "LT30.serv" file.

2. Started the local server
-- launched "freeciv-server.exe"

3. Tried to set LT30 ruleset
-- entered command "ruleset lt30" in the command prompt.
-- Ruleset was not set: in-game units have ctandart vision (1 tile).
The same failure when I tried to specify path to "LT30.serv" file in the command prompt.

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Re: Testing LT rulesets on local server, for dummies

I don't know much about windows, but you must use the .serv file. Check LT30.sh and rc.subr on what arguments to give the server.


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Re: Testing LT rulesets on local server, for dummies

For some older comments on this topic see http://old.longturn.org/forum/how-load- … mment-8786


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Re: Testing LT rulesets on local server, for dummies

go to dir ltscripts, copy LT30 or Ltex23 dir to main dir ( where freeciv*.exe is )

Start game -> start new game. If you want to test for 2 players connect then.

Now choose ruleset in popup menu. Game will start automaticaly ( idk why, but you will be able to play and test anyway )

go to game ->options -> server options and change unitwaittime in internal options to 0 and play.
In such way you dont need to start server by cli at all, but I see in log that
options were:   (if you want to run by cli, just remeber to put LT30 dir to main dir)
'read LT30.serv'
'rulesetdir lt30'

*UPDATE* I tested those commands and seems to work without any autostart.

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Re: Testing LT rulesets on local server, for dummies

Thanks all and especially terror, his instructions worked!

I copied LT30 into the main directory.
Started freeciv*.exe (Freeciv client)
Pressed "Start New Game"
Increased Number of Players to 3
Noticed dropdown list named Ruleset Version with "default" as default. There was "lt30" entry, I chose it and the game started.

Console commands also worked.


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