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I missed the start of lt34, I couldn't figure out when it was and went idle, sorry about that. I've had a rough last few months, I snagged a keylogger on my system and some asshole
stole 2 grand out of my bank account and I've had to sort through all that mess. Still waiting on getting my money back and hoping that my new computer isn't compromised. So far,
so good.

LT uses the 2.3 version of freeciv right? I have to reinstall it for the next game.


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Re: heyo

Oh, sorry to hear that. There was not really that much problem with idling since we had replacement players. Did you find out how that keylogger got on your computer?

LT34 uses Freeciv 2.3 but hopefully the next game will use Freeciv 2.5. At least the new LTeX25 game will be using that. It's going to start shortly and will last about 3-4 months. I think it's possible for anyone to join in that game once the signups open.

About Freeciv 2.3... While almost everyone hopes the next game will use 2.5, it's a possibility that we will have yet another 2.3 game if there is enough interest to start a game at the time when LT34 is about to end or when the endgame of LT34 begins. The ruleset for 2.5 is probably not yet tested at that time. I think that time might be in late May or early June if I'm guessing right that LT34 will last 120-150 turns. I'm not saying that we will have a 2.3 game like that. It's just a possibility at the moment. It could be a team game or teamless game. Many people have been wishing for a team game but I'm not sure if they would like to have the first 2.5 LT game to be one.

You can install both versions (2.3 and 2.5) and they will work fine.


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Re: heyo

I'm guessing a drive-by exploit, flash vuln, or something along those sorts. It's possible it may have been on my phone, I've logged into my online banking with it
before (cellphone tech is beyond my capabilities). I'm not entirely sure on it, I've been out of the game for many years and don't have the patience to bother
figuring out exactly how or what.

I'm fairly certain it was in fact a keylogger/bank trojan though. My online banking password was completely different from all the other passwords I use on other
sites, so by my reasoning it's really the only way. The other possibilities are brute forcing my password or having gotten onto the banks systems themselves, which
I doubt was the way it happened. SSL/TLS has recently been broken on numerous fronts, but that would be a highly targeted attack against me in that manner, which
I also doubt. I think it was just a random hit.

Just yesterday I got an email that a password request was sent for another site I had to use for work related purposes. So I think a bit of my personal info is now
flying around and people are still digging to get more info on me to use for ID fraud and the likes. Such an annoying thing to have to deal with. You'd think someone
who understands security and hacking wouldn't be affected by this, but like a plumber with a leaky faucet, it can happen to anyone. sad

Here's to hoping all the fake information I put into various registration forms will put a dent into anyone trying to pretend to be me before my credit rating gets worse
than it already is.

Thanks wieder, I'll download both and maybe play an AI game or two to get a feel for it again, been a while since I played. I been playing a lot of League and the
new H1Z1 game recently, now that I have a system that can play decent games tongue


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