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Post here ideas and suggestions for LT38

We could have a team game or a teamless one. Continents, islands or even a custom map if one is found and it's not too much effort to set it up.

LT38 will be based on LT37.

If there are not too many "features" with the LT37 ruleset we will probably need or want only few modifications and the next game may start sooner.

If a team game is chosen we should try to figure out how to choose teams. A two team game might be an easy one but we could also do an "usual" 5-6 team game. Even team game with 3 players on each team was suggested once.

You can also suggest modifications to the units, costs and stuff.


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Re: Post here ideas and suggestions for LT38

I agree with Ptizoom on his following messages.

"(T53 - 06:26:17) <Ptizoom> disabling trade removes a fun part for this game ?!
(T53 - 06:26:40) <Ptizoom> what is a world without trade....
(T53 - 06:32:11) <Ptizoom> in the same strike, airlifting, parachuting shall be penalised, ...."

I suggest enabling trade routes if it is possible while preventing abuse of caravans/trade routes.


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Re: Post here ideas and suggestions for LT38

The problem with the trade routes is basically the size of the map. With a big map one-time bonus from the routes becomes too big. Also, building the routes between two very distant cities gives too much bonus.

If there was a setting for max distance for trade routes, we might be able to use them but with the current settings we would only see the game becoming  really unbalanced. There was an error with the ruleset for LT36 and the trade routes were on for that game. As a result the game became uninteresting for most people and players able to build caravans and transfer them to distant countries quickly managed to become way too powerful. It was possible to research several techs every turn and getting more than 20 000 of gold in a single turn.

If the abuse of the caravans could be prevented, we could restore the trade routes to the next game. Meanwhile we can only try to fix this by adding trade with wonders, buildings and specials.

All the suggestions for fixing the caravans are more than welcome.


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