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LT40 will start in 3-6 months from now

It's going to be a teamless game based on LT38.

What's special with LT40 is that building huge empires will be extremely hard. The government sizes will be changed to allow more cities before getting the first unhappy citizen. After reaching the city limit the empire size step will start creating unhappiness issues for those who try to conquer every possible city there is to be conquered. The empire size step will be something between 1-5.

Space race will be enabled and the game will probably end with a space race victory. Conquest victory will be possible but not likely to happen.

The winning alliance size is limited to 30-50% of the players starting the game.

There will be some more experimental features with this game but the game will not be experimental one. It's to be decided if this is going to be a ranking game or not.

Experimental features will include, but possibly not limited to, following features:

- swordsmen, musketeers and riflemen can't attack directly from ships
- there will be a new government, nationalism, similar to fundamentalism but without -50% sci penalty and the max sci/tax/lux rate is 50%
- some form of tech trading or tech stealing will be possible
- building cities on mountains may be possible
- there is a WW1-WW2 era unit able to provide some kind of defense against air units (if possible)

LT40 will start around the same time with LT39 assuming that there is enough interest for two games. If not, it will start at a later time.

All suggestions about map, map type, ruleset changes or something else are welcome.


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