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Look here if no new games are starting just now at longturn.org

We are starting new games once the old ones end. Some games are also started while the current games are running. However sometimes there may be times when new games start only at a later time. While waiting for longturn.org Freeciv multiplayer games to start you may want to check the web based Freeciv multiplayer games. You can find those here:


No native client is needed for those games. The web client currently doesn't have all the features the native client has, but lots of people like this stuff despite that. The web games can also be joined at any time.

You can also sign up here at longturn.org on some game starting at a later time and receive an email about it. Joining a game is a two step process. Signing up just tells that you are interested but doesn't add you to the players list. Two weeks before the actual game starts, you need to confirm participation.


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