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Tech speed

This has been discussed in various places, but maybe make one single topic about it.

LT40 is the second game I've heard someone say "the tech is too fast, the game will end too soon". So, let's see how this can be fixed for future games.

1. There are several methods of calculating tech costs:
; Method of calculating technology costs
;   0 - Civ (I|II) style. Every new tech add researchcost to cost of next tech.
;   1 - Cost of technology is:
;         MAX((1+parents) * (researchcost/2) * sqrt(1+parents), researchcost)
;       where num_parents == number of requirement for tech, counted
;       recursively.
;   2 - Cost are read from tech.ruleset. Missing costs are generated by
;       style 1.
;   3 - Cost of technology is:
;         cost = base * (reqs - 1)^2 / (1 + sqrt(sqrt(reqs))) - base/2
;   4 - Cost are read from tech.ruleset. Missing costs are generated by
;       style 3.

A while ago... somewhere... someone calculated the ratios of specific methods compared to other methods. Maybe if we can do it here again just to have it in one place? I think - not 100% sure - that method 3 has the biggest increase of techs with time, that is, advanced techs are much more expensive compared to early techs, which seems to be the favourable method.

(But then, again, this leads to almost no early wars because the development amounts to tech race because you gain more leverage by getting there first than by actually conquering a city or three from your opponent... which makes a one-tracked game)

2. Increasing the science box increases the overall cost of techs - linearly. Cue more probable early wars and slower endgame.... but, needs to be tested.

3. Tech upkeep effectively has the additional effect of slowing down late game and, in effect, makes the late techs "more expensive". Should be considered.


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