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Winning Post

Dear LT41 players. Our alliance consisting of (Cgalik, Wieder, and Chill) declare victory. We would rather not kill all remaining players, since some have been friendly. If you are one of the remaining alive players and do not accept our victory please announce it and we will take care of you soon smile  This game has been challenging and a lot of fun, so we thank everyone for a great game!


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From: Chicago
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Re: Winning Post

It was a good game. Honorable mention to ferg and Lord_P who fought Haken/Kryon/Zoltan tough. Haken/Kryon/Zoltan had the top 3 scores for a long while and played very, very well.

I got a bit lucky with a capital split of Haken that helped a lot. smile

Thanks to wieder for admin'ing the game. And much thanks to akfaew for admin'ing the server which had only one short scheduled upgrade outage, otherwise was perfect.


#3 08.06.2018 05:41:27

Ganoes Paran
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Re: Winning Post

Acceptance if needed.
Good game guys.


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Re: Winning Post

I cannot accept nor reject your victory because my government has been deposed due to absence and are now swimming to safety.

Congratulations to the winners wink


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