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The winning conditions and the ruleset for LT43

Here is the ruleset:


Winning conditions, several possibilities to win or end the game:

Allied victory with max 10 winners. The winners need to announce the victory on the forum and if no one alive objects in 5 days the game will end. That's 5*24h. If the player objecting is RIP before the 5 days is over, objecting doesn't count.

The game can also be ended by announcing a in-game score based victory. In this case the players are ranked with the in-game score. For technical reasons the player announcing this need to have embassy with everyone (there is a small wonder for that) and the scores need to be posted on the forum. Or delivered to the game admin with email, discord or other suitable way. There is full 7 days to object this and the game admin needs to approve this. This kind of ending is unusual and the approving is there just to make sure it's not somehow accidental or something like that. Common sense will be used and the game will not be artificially extended by disapproving this.

The the game is ended with an alliance of more than 10 players, all the players, alive and RIP, will be ranked with in-game score. Someone please post the scores on the forum if this happens.

Space race victory will end the game and the players will be ranked with the in-game score. Please post the scores on the forum.

If everyone alive is surrendering or announcing to quit playing the game will be ended. Idling for more than 3 turns equals to that.

If someone doesn't play in T0 the nation of that player may be given away. If idle more than 3 turns the same may happen. Common sense will be used.

In the early game the idle players (more than 3 turns) can be deleted from the game. After T30 this time will be 7 turns idle. If possible, someone not playing may also set them to defensive mode and maybe make a move every now and then for the idlers. The game admin is not playing meaning that there is no conflict of interest when doing this. This is not playing. Just making a move and preventing the idlers from becoming too easy prey. Moving is not guaranteed.

If someone becomes idle that player can be admin delegated to the allies. There should be some proof about this. If a well known player goes idle, it will take more than asking before the admin will delegate to someone who the idle player has been fighting with. Yes, I know this is tricky. Let's use common sense.

The game admin will interpret the rules of there is a problem. If there is trouble interpreting the rules we will ask that on the forum. Corbeau has promised to help us to make decisions. More players can volunteer to help with this task.

Killing everyone is not needed but of course allowed.

If there is a game breaking bug the ruleset can be fixed. If it's just an annoyance or like a really powerful but cheap unit, a change is not made. Again, common sense. This is not done without something really serious happening. The game help can be fixed while the game is running but it may not be updated to the actual game since it requires a restart.

Unfortunately ruleset summary is still missing but the in-game help is a pretty good one. Still trying to figure out this one. You can also ask me and the others here, on irc or on discord about the game.

Good luck with LT43 and have fun!


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Re: The winning conditions and the ruleset for LT43

Ok, it seems we didn't actually declare any winning conditions, correct?

If so, I'd go with score. It's way simpler that way. Just play the game and in the end let the numbers sort them out wink


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Re: The winning conditions and the ruleset for LT43

It appeared in some private conversations that it isn't completely clear what the winning conditions in this game are. This included me (thus my post above about not having any set, which was apparently wrong), but also some other people. I had a short chat with Wieder and cleared this up. So, in case it is necessary, that is, if there were other people who didn't get it either, I will rephrase the first post here. Meaning, I'll simply repeat what Wieder said, but in different words.

(If everybody else got it apart from me and the people I was in contact regarding this, feel free to ignore this post. Sorry for your time.)

This game can be ended in two ways.

1. An alliance with no more than 10 members declares victory and nobody alive objects in 5 days (and if someone does object, he needs to survive for those 5 days)


2. Somebody (ANYBODY) declares a "score ending" and nobody alive objects in 7 days (and lives for those 7 days). The player declaring a "score ending" needs to supply the full score table with all players on it, along with his declaration.

Longturn ranking will be calculated depending on whether the game ended with Method 1 or Method 2.

Obviously, for the purposes of LT ranking, only one method can be used and they can't be combined. For the purposes of boasting, both methods may be used.

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Re: The winning conditions and the ruleset for LT43

Just checking, how will ranking points be calculated if the game ends with in-game score?


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