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Team selection for future team games

Since there are a lot of rpoblems with idlers, I propose that the rules for team games are slightly modified.

Firstly, there needs to be some discretion regarding choosing who gets to play. Obviously, the confirmation system isn't enough of a filter. So I propose that we agree on the "team captains" system, but with some added limitations to both the captains and the potential players.

1. In order to play a team game, you shouldn't be a complete newbie regarding LT. It is expected that you have played at least one LT game and that you have communicated with the people inside the game and made your presence known there enough. What is "enough" is to be decided by the team captains. Actually, this part can include other reliable and veteran players, not only the captains.

1a. The captains (and whoever's advice they listen to) may demand that the future players join Discord for better communication. Or not. Their choice.

2. The team captains review the list of confirmed participants and decide who gets to play based on the above criteria.

3. Only then do they start with selecting the teams, from the pool that they determined together. Players may voice their preferences and the final setup of the teams should be agreed on by a consensus or at least a compromise.


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Re: Team selection for future team games

Seems reasonable to me!


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Re: Team selection for future team games


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