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Multi-team game proposal

Two-team game is fun, but have one important flaw: any larger unbalance between teams act like rolling snowball - leads to higher unbalance, thus players from the "worse" team in the face of their fate, tend to surrender and quit game. It is no more fun.

I propose to make multi-team game, for example 5 teams. It would bring benefits of team game (cooperation, discussions about strategies, helpful teammates) and add some fun factors from classic game (diplomacy etc) and less determinism.
Additionally, smaller teams are easier to maintain.

Another idea, which arose around this topic, is to bring more RPG climate into team game. I mean, instead of random-picked countries, make something theme-related.
for example medieval Holy Wars, each team is designated to the one religion. I'm not talking about scenario game, but to bring better "look-and-feel" action for team game.


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