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Growing the community

Started at a different topic, let's discuss things more generally.

I think the key thing to get a community going is simply: always have some games running! I'd say 2 or 3 at the same time would be a good number. They definitely don't have to be the same class or type, but get things running. We now had a long period with (effectively) no LT games running and only one pretty quiet Webciv game running. Not much discussion, chatter or anything that would make new people who stumbled here stay.

Yes, we could definitely have different types. Maybe even return with the Ladder Wars (that I never played because I strongly dislike the concept, but hell, others may like it).

Get more serious with (the) league(s), so that people know who is who and what to expect from someone. Also, establish who is a good player and who is not, NOT (only) for the purposes of a pissing contest, but also, maybe, just maybe, to start some "lower league" games where weaker player may get a chance to not be ran over.

And stuff like that.

But definitely get some games running.

Maybe also establish a "standard" LT ruleset that will be even less experimental than Wieder's slow evolution streak, so that people know what to expect, like Multiplayer ruleset, but better, without the obvious flaws.


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