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Production, pollution, city growth

Excessive pollution and global warming appear to be a common issue in LT games, even nuclear winter can't overcome this.
Probably high town radius, which can generate both large number of inhabitants and huge production level, is responsible for that.
during creation of my "advanced modpack", I created some fancy buildings, which tamper unlimited town growth or make pollution more localized, but I don't want to discuss it there, instead, I propose to implement such features using existing buildings (so no graphics is required).

1. Factory production/pollution: 25%/50%, except of: iron in city range, in such case 50%/100% as usual.
2. Power Plant: 25%/50%, except of: coal or oil in city range, in such case cumulative 50%/100% as usual
3. Additional city growth limiters: Mass Transit for 24, Recycling center: 32.

Such change would yield in high production (especially these on the medium game stage) limited to less number of towns (thus it is easy to clean pollution), and pollution limiters are also city growth limiters.


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