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Fundamentalism Over-nerfed?

In LT44, fundamentalism was amazing.  http://forum.longturn.org/viewtopic.php?id=1053

Perhaps too good, and it has been rightly toned down.

However...checking different governments after a Revolution showed that Fundamentalism is now rather weak.

Its max-gold is limited to 60%, and the science penalty is 0.7x.  These limit the benefit it can get from the +1 Trade on Land-tiles.
But the biggest change is that the undocumented "+25% Trade Bonus" is gone.  I think getting rid of that alone would have been enough to bring Funda in-line with other governments (possibly still on the weak side).

Comparing Monarchy to Fundamentalism, Monarchy clearly stands above it due to Military Police and higher unit-support limits.  Maybe in larger more developed cities, Fundamentalism would start to show some benefit from its gold-bonus from happiness buildings and more pop-8 cities being able to support 4 units apiece instead of just 2, which would noticeably lower military expenses.

The Aggressive Military Unhappiness though makes it difficult to conduct military offensives and has always struck me as an odd thing for a Fundamentalist government to have.

All in All, I would say that Fundamentalism is NOT superior to Monarchy in LT45.  Maybe later, Crusaders and larger cities could tip the balance in its favor.

Some detailed Analysis shows that for California as it is on turn44, Fundamentalism gives an overall productivity that is just 80% compared to Monarchy.

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